The difference between innovation and invention is the process through which each is achieved. While invention implies a step change to the «radically new», innovation is a dynamic process focused on application. Erik Orsenna believes that behind innovation there is always a practical solution and tangible results.

In this interview, Erik Orsenna talks about the end of an «old world» that has almost run out of breath, and in which innovation has been a very slow process. Today, innovation is accelerating and is essential to support global economic growth. Innovation is a genetic trait for companies like GDF SUEZ. This distinguished member of the Académie française recalls the fact that the name Suez refers directly to a canal that completely changed the shape of continents.

As a core value of the Group, innovation enables GDF SUEZ to engage more effectively in the energy transition. It enables anticipation of market expectations and the development of technologies and services that respond to the challenges of tomorrow.


Innovation : Interview with Erik Orsenna

Interview with the novelist Erik Orsenna about innovation. He describes it as a solution to achieve results, for which we must dare to take risks and develop new ideas.