This digital entrepreneur believes that innovation is what happens when invention meets the market. But for this meeting to happen at all… «The most important thing is to be daring and take risks» in short, to challenge the status quo. Innovation is therefore primarily about accepting risks and leading from the front.

It’s a position that Véronique Torner knows well, because innovation has been central to her business strategy ever since she launched the business. This is only logical after all, since open source is a very innovative world: the term «open source» encompasses all free license software and all software whose source code is publicly available as the basis for collaborative improvement.

But more specifically, innovation is essential for Alter Way, because as an SME, the company needs innovation to grow and work alongside major corporations.

So over the last two years, the business has been developing an innovative offer for its clients; an offer built around providing website access to users who are disabled either permanently and severely, or temporarily, like being unable to use a keyboard because their arm is in plaster.

Innovation is therefore central to these services, which are not yet available within the company. In this instance, innovation doesn’t necessarily mean a technological step change, because these solutions already exist in the marketplace. But by applying a new methodology and organizational structure, Alter Way can offer an innovative approach to these clients.