Europe - GDF SUEZ is now ENGIE

Dirk Beeuwsaert“The BEE is at the heart of energy and environmental changes that the European energy market faces. With our support, the Group is implementing its integrated energy model across Europe, to become the leader in the energy transition. We develop innovative solutions across our business activities to guide our customers towards energies of the future.”

Dirk Beeuwsaert, Executive Vice President in charge of the Energy Europe business line

Energy Europe manages four specialized activities

  • Generation: The Energy Europe business line manages all the european activities of both thermal and nuclear generation, as well as biomass (conventional power stations, nuclear, cogeneration, combined cycle production facilities, etc.). The BU is in charge of the construction, the operation and the maintenance of the Group’s conventional power plants in Europe.
  • Renewable Energies: The Energy Europe business line covers all the European renewable generation activities. It is in charge of developing, building, operating and maintaining all ENGIE’s renewable-energy assets :
    • Hydroelectricity (hydroelectric dams and power stations),
    • Wind Power (onshore and off-shore wind farm),
    • Solar power (PV solar production and manufacture of photovoltaic cells),
    • Marine current energies,
    • Biogas,
    • etc.
  • Energy Management Trading (EMT): Within the Energy Europe Business Line, Energy Management Trading (EMT) is responsible for the management of the ENGIE Group’s assets in Europe. The role of EMT is to ensure competitive energy for customers while optimizing created value, within a consistent risk framework.

    The EMT teams negotiate ENGIE natural gas supply contracts, manages the assets (power plants), energy purchase and sales’ contracts (long-term gas contracts, Virtual Power Plants, transport, storage, and re-gasification capacities, etc.), and provide the group customers with natural gas, electricity, as well as energy price risk management services.

    The teams manage one of the largest and most diversified energy portfolios in Europe, including electricity, natural gas, coal, oil products, biomass, CO2 and environmental products. EMT serves all ENGIE entities, customers and external counterparts. EMT also provides dynamic management of the Group’s portfolio, particularly through its trading activities and presence in Europe’s key energy marketplaces via GDF SUEZ Trading.

    EMT is also in charge the marketing of natural gas, electricity and related services to «Giant» customers. For giant customers, ENGIE has opted for a transversal approach aiming at responding to the tailor-made needs of national and pan-European large industrial customers, and to help them improve their financial performance. Thanks to GDF SUEZ Global Energy the Group provides complex multi-energy, multi-site tailor-made solutions including innovative offers, prices, risk management and energy optimization solutions.

  • Marketing & Sales: The Energy Europe business line manages all the ENGIE’s european B2B/B2C activities and infrastructure activities (such as gas distribution, gas transmission and gas storage, in European countries except in France).

    The Marketing & sales activities include offering natural gas, electricity and associated services to retail customers, businesses and government through several Commercial brands.

    • B2C («Business to Consumer» ): the gas & electricity sales and associated services to retail customers, are done under several brands : «ENGIE» in Europe, «GDF SUEZ DolceVita» in France, «Electrabel» in Belgium and with dedicated brands for services such as «GDF SUEZ Home Performance» and «Savelys» for the French market and «Distrigaz Confort» in Romania.

    • B2B («Business to Business»): the sale of energy and services for businesses and local governments is managed by «ENGIE» in Europe, by «GDF SUEZ Energies France» and «GDF SUEZ Pro» in France, by «Electrabel» and «Laborelec» (our leading research and competence centre in electrical power technology) in Belgium.

ENGIE, a benchmark player in electricity and natural gas in France and Belgium

A strong foothold in France. As a leader in the energy market, ENGIE operates in France as an energy producer as well as marketing energy and services. In the retail market in France, the business holds 9.4 million gas contracts, over 2 million retail electricity customers and 1.5 million energy services customers.

A great player in Belgium. ENGIE under the brand Electrabel has more than 3.9 million residential, business and industrial customers. Electrabel is one of the most important employers in Belgium. The company offers its customers energy solutions with added value and a customized service.

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