Improving resident quality-of-life and comfort by controlling energy:

A sustainable city is a city that manages its own consumption of energy and natural resources. The frugal use of energy is the result of economical urban planning, policies that encourage the responsible use of resources, and optimizing energy consumption by applying smart grid technologies to energy supply systems. ENGIE teams are hard at work every day improving urban traffic flows and energy consumption:


Improving resident quality-of-life and comfort by controlling energy

Smart Grids Experience: Cofely Ineo is currently testing the first smart grid for an entire business park

Led by Cofely Ineo, the Smart Grids Experience is designed to test full-scale smart grids. Installed on a business park in Toulouse, this smart grid provides a backbone for the interconnection of energy consuming installations, energy generating plants (including 300kWp from solar panels and 60kW from wind turbines) and energy storage to achieve the optimum balance between power generation and consumption in real time.

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Optimizing life as a community in nicer and safer surroundings

A sustainable city is a secure city that provides a better quality of life through the diversity of its communities, its secure public spaces, the architectural quality of its buildings, and the urban presence of nature and community facilities, all of which contribute to the shared living experience.

Using an overview of the city to manage urban projects

Above all, a sustainable city is a project promoted by councilors and decision-makers, and designed to give meaning and coherence to urban development. As a privileged partner of local authorities, ENGIE works with cities committed to taking control of their own future by offering them solutions tailored to their own context and needs, and designed to deliver a precise response to their specific challenges.

See on video how ENGIE is using its expertise to make tomorrow’s city a nicer and easier place to live:

Cit'Ease™, the first comprehensive and interactive control panel