Optimizing the building energy mix

As well as supplying natural gas and power, ENGIE also operates local and renewable energy generating resources to offer the best and most efficient energy mix for the needs of individual buildings. This is achieved using a comprehensive range of innovative renewable and local energy solutions, including biomass, biogas, biomethane, marine geothermal, high-temperature solar and hydrogen technologies.


France's first marine geothermal power plant in MarseilleFrance’s first marine geothermal power plant in Marseille

The Thassalia marine geothermal plant in Marseille’s Euroméditerranée business center is an excellent example of how innovation is driving the energy transition and energy efficiency, and one to which Cofely Services has contributed its expertise in heating technology, whilst Climespace, the ENGIE Group specialist in urban cooling networks, has contributed its refrigeration expertise. The 3 kilometers of this energy (heating and cooling) distribution network will meet all the energy needs of the southern section of Euromed 1, and the Constructa H99 and La Marseillaise towers. A total floor area of around 500,000 m2 will be heated by the plant. This should enable the EcoCité to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 70% and its water consumption by 65%.

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Reducing the environmental footprint

Energy efficiency is a key lever for facilitating the energy transition of cities and companies. ENGIE is improving building energy and environmental performance by helping its clients to achieve optimum management of their heating, ventilation, insulation and lighting systems. The result is lower bills and higher user comfort.


VertuozAn online control panel for installation monitoring and energy consumption control

The ENGIE Vertuoz solution is a Web 2.0 platform that monitors and controls building energy performance. It provides a complete mapping facility to give clients a clearer picture and better understanding of their energy consumption, easy-to-use data analysis as the basis for developing energy performance optimization initiatives, and monitor energy efficiency. Accurate monitoring of energy use makes it easier to comply with thermal insulation regulations, adjust consumption to actual demand and control energy bills.

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Improving occupant wellbeing

Building occupant comfort also includes security, which is why ENGIE provides management of video surveillance, fire risk detection, tower block lighting and external perimeter lighting systems.

ENGIE specialist subsidiary Cofely Ineo manages 700,000 lighting units and delivers energy consumption savings of up to 60%. Cofely also provides a permanent technology scanning service to ensure that its clients receive the most powerful and effective solutions, from presence detection to room usage-based lighting control, and the use of public lighting grids for a multiplicity of other purposes, including the connection of sustainable mobility vehicles and public safety.


Lighting for the Les Halles regeneration project in ParisLighting for the Les Halles regeneration project in Paris

As a stakeholder in the colossal high-profile project to regenerate the Les Halles district of central Paris, Cofely Ineo has installed a latest-generation digital network to control security in the shopping center, car parks and the roads serving the Forum center. Cofely Ineo is also responsible for installing more than 2,000 LED and fluorescent lighting units throughout the site, as well as the bespoke lighting for the undulating glass canopy.

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Promoting the free flow of responsible mobility

ENGIE also helps building occupants stay mobile by displaying public transit information, as well as providing a reception service, parking for car share schemes and electric vehicle charging points. Through these and other services, the Group delivers on its commitment to green mobility by encouraging freer and more responsible options for those who work in, and visit, office towers.

ENGIE provides green, smart operation of towers and other office buildings by working with their owners and occupants to build the city of tomorrow.

GDF SUEZ serving the towers and offices buildings

With its offer of global and integrated solutions, GDF SUEZ assures a green and smart exploitation of the towers and offices buildings of its customers, to assure the energy and environmental performance, and to improve the productivity and the comfort of the users.