All-electric and hybrid vehicles: ecological and economic benefits

The benefits of 100% electric and hybrid vehicles are many, both ecologically and economically. That’s because when vehicles are powered by batteries, they emit no CO2 and no fine particulates. Using around €3 worth of electricity to cover 100 km, their running cost is also extremely low and their range is impressive: a 100% electric car has a range of up to 150 km, extending to more than 600 km for a rechargeable hybrid car.

CarPlug from Electrabel: an all-in-one solution that allows owners to charge their vehicles in total safety, as well as managing the charging process and power consumption

CarPlug from Electrabel, the Belgian subsidiary of ENGIE, offers a safe charging solution to Belgian owners of electric and hybrid cars, regardless of model. Electrabel installs a dedicated 16-amp power supply, a safety socket and a comprehensive set of software tools to monitor power consumption and control the charging process remotely over the Internet from a tablet or smartphone. 

CarPlug from Electrabel helps companies to implement their sustainable mobility plans

In partnership with Cofely, another ENGIE subsidiary, Electrabel gives companies the resources they need to implement the best sustainable mobility plan for their needs. The CarPlug service gives companies remote management of the charging process and power consumption for their entire vehicle fleet.  With CarPlug, an employer that provides its employees with electric vehicles can therefore control the recharging process, whether on company premises or at employees’ own homes.


The Electrabel CarPlug is supported by New Ventures, an investment fund dedicated to innovative startups.Powerdale

In August this year, New Ventures finalized its first investment with the acquisition of a 33% equity stake in the young Belgian company Powerdale, which specializes in energy control and electric mobility. The smart CarPlug has been developed by Electrabel and Cofely in conjunction with Powerdale.

Download the press Release  : ENGIE invests in Powerdale, a young Belgium company


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