The Hambers Wind Park : a global energy project

Officially opened in June 2013, the Hambers Wind Park has been developed in response to the local authority’s commitment to develop renewable energy sources and reduce energy consumption across its entire community. Developed jointly with all local stakeholders (local residents, the wider population and town council) and comprising 4 wind turbines, the project has involved a number of local companies.


A Biomethane in the Moselle : a local closed-loop resource recovery cyclepositive energy territories

In May 2013, ENGIE signed a 15-year biomethane purchase contract with the Syndicat Mixte de Transport et de Traitement des Déchets Ménagers de Moselle-Est (Sydeme), which has constructed its own centre to produce biomethane from household waste.
Under the terms of the contract, energy will be recovered from the biogas produced, and injected into the natural gas distribution system following treatment and purification. The biomethane will also be distributed in the form of vehicle fuel by ENGIE Group subsidiary company GNVERT, and will be used by Sydeme to power the same waste collection vehicles that collect organic waste to power the methanisation centre.

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