April 22, 2013

Tanguy MOULIN-FOURNIER is welcomed by his colleagues at the GDF SUEZ Headquarters in Paris, La Défense.

After his return to France,  Tanguy MOULIN-FOURNIER wanted to meet his colleagues at GDF SUEZ who formed a movement of emotion and solidarity during his two months held hostage.



He came to share his joy and happiness with the GDF SUEZ employees in the presence of Gérard Mestrallet. The employees welcomed Tanguy with heartfelt emotion.
Gérard Mestrallet expressed his relief and joy before leaving the podium to Tanguy, who shared his surprise and feelings surrounding the efforts and actions of his colleagues.

We’re going to bring them back to Paris as soon as possible

GDF SUEZ thanks the French, Cameroonian and Nigerian authorities

Everyone’s happy to see them free after 2 endless months

Great joy and relief for GDF SUEZ and all its employees

It is with great relief that the president has confirmed the release of the MOULIN-FOURNIER family in Cameroon

All of our thoughts today go out to family of our teammate Tanguy, abducted in Cameroon

“Emotions are deeply intense. I came here with the entire Group’s support” G Mestrallet

Cameroon : Gérard Mestrallet present today at Yaoundé to meet with Group employees

 Rumors of the released hostages in Cameroon. No official confirmation yet. We’re waiting with hope.


GDF SUEZ confirms that one of its employees and his family living in Yaounde have been taken hostages in Northern Cameroon during a leisure trip.

GDF SUEZ would like to express its emotion and solidarity with the persons concerned.

GDF SUEZ is working closely with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Group is developing a natural gas liquefaction project in Southern Cameroon.


Press Release from Minrex, Cameroon Tribune (02/20/2013)

The abduction occurred at Sabongari, located 7 km north of Dabanga on the national Route No. 1, which stretches along the border between Cameroon and the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

The kidnappers crossed the border of Nigeria with their hostages.

Immediately informed of the situation, the President of the Republic, S.E. Paul BIYA, ordered the urgent search of the hostages. The security apparatus implemented in the region has been reinforced and the Cameroonian government is in constant contact with the Nigerian and French authorities.

The Government wishes to reassure the public that everything is being done to ensure the safety of people, especially tourists, throughout the national territory.”

Signed Minister of State for Commonwealth Relations



February 20, 2013

Question from André Schneider, UMP Deputy in Bas-Rhin, on the hostage situation in Cameroon at the National Assembly. Response from Laurent Fabius, Minister of Foreign Affairs (in French only).