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Natural gas, a crucial factor for energy transition in Europe

"Liquefied Natural Gas? It was a childhood dream! But seriously, since I was first hired in 1980, I've spent almost all of my career working in LNG, where I've been able to develop my technical expertise. It's an internationally-relevant sector that is constantly evolving, and in which safety is a key element; it requires a lot of discipline and an open mind.”

Promoting ENGIE's expertise through cooperation between different sectors

"It's exciting to be at the centre of cooperation between different sectors: engineering, operations, the maritime sector, etc. I manage a team of 30 people, made up of engineers and Merchant Navy Officers, working for three LNG terminals. I have to recruit, train, motivate and reward them, make them work together and with other teams in the Group. There's never a dull moment! It's the same in my private life too, what with my family and friends, painting, and travel.”