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You don't end up at ENGIE by chance

Some people wish upon a star. Others cross their fingers and hope that fortune is smiling on them. Gabrielle simply dared to answer an ad for an internship. And it has transformed her life.

"Boldness rewards those who know how to seize their opportunities.

In Search of Lost Time, Marcel Proust

Being in the right place at the right time

At the end of her Logistics and Transport degree in Bordeaux - her beloved home town - Gabrielle never imagined that one day she'd become a Methods Manager at one of the largest industrial groups in the country. In 2007, a combination of circumstances led her to apply for an internship in Paris, at a subsidiary of ENGIE Services. After a brief stint at a competing group, she finally chose to join ENGIE Ineo where she worked on the coordination of local agencies, improving the company's responses to national competitive bidding: "I learnt a lot from this experience. I explored different organisations and had many rewarding encounters".

Brimming with solutions

The entity where Gabrielle works operates in tertiary activities for preventive and corrective maintenance of various types of equipment and facilities: CCTV, generators, fire prevention, etc. Her position as Methods Manager is to support all 180 employees to provide solutions for any problems they may encounter: "I work in project mode, my activities are very varied. I like to help my colleagues and to look for solutions. For example, at the moment we are developing a computer-assisted maintenance management tool to plan and trace transactions through new applications, by equipping technicians with a tablet in order to facilitate mobility and progress towards a paperless system.”

A sense of service

So what does Gabrielle see as the essential qualities for her job? A taste for innovation, to provide teams with the best solutions, and high standards, to meet the needs of customers and project teams; but also patience, to make sure all employees are on board with the projects. "You also need to be able to challenge yourself, to over come any problems encountered, and of course to listen and communicate to meet the needs of the teams in a fair and consistent way.”

Attentive and curious, Gabrielle is motivated daily by "the constant pursuit of solutions to provide a better quality of work for ENGIE Ineo teams and for customers. " She says she is often inspired by the Mark Twain quote: "They did not know it was impossible, so they did it".

The main things driving this young, 31 year-old woman: "My loved ones: my family, my friends" - despite the distance that separates her from her home town - as well as travelling and discovery, but also horse-riding, a passion that has been in her life for twelve years.

When asked about her career plans, Gabrielle responds humbly "Wherever my skills are needed! For now, I would like to develop the methods in my entity and - more broadly - across ENGIE Ineo, as much as possible. Working groups have been set up for this purpose, and I want to continue to devote myself to this".

"I work in project mode, my activities are very varied.”

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