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If buildings were alive, heating engineers would be doctors!

Diagnosis, temperature, arteries, pressure... Some terms used in the field of HVAC are reminiscent of medical terminology. Isn't that right. Laure?

"My priority will be to restore, maintain or promote health in its entirety, physical and mental, individual and social." Thus begins the Hippocratic Oath, traditionally taken by Western doctors before they begin to practice. Although Laure didn't go quite as far as that, she has always shared this concern for prevention, care and support. After two years of medical foundation studies, she ended up at the EBI [School of Industrial Biology]. Although this was an establishment that mainly trained students for careers in quality or marketing, Laure found a way to move towards the field of process engineering. She undertook work placements in building construction companies at the forefront of bio-industrial technology, specialising in fluids and fluid treatment. For her final work placement, she joined ENGIE Axima to set up the Plumbing agency, still non-existent at that time. She then changed agency to extend her work into heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC). Ultimately, although she's not a doctor, Laure is on hand to guarantee her clients the good health of their buildings, and the well-being of their occupants.

The right prescription

Like an orchestra conductor, Laura must coordinate a range of elements both human and material, but also keep to her budget. Her job calls for a keen sense of organisation. She has to be constantly discerning to distinguish between the priority actions and those that aren't so important. "The business manager needs to be an excellent manager who can take a global view because pressure is now an inherent factor of the construction industry." Listening, analysing, making decisions, supporting ...Laure can easily transpose a GP’s methods to the construction industry. She has cultivated her interpersonal skills and the art of dialogue. "I am often the first point of contact with the client, and I work in continuous interaction with the teams, contractors and management." As a hard-working go-getter, Laure has a desire to make things happen, both in her professional and personal life. "The good thing about construction is that you really see things progressing." She likes the fact that every day is different, and that she and her team will accomplish multiple operations together for the advancement of their projects. The importance she attaches to the quality of relationships with her partners is for her own sense of well-being and to be more effective. "I get along very well with my colleagues, and this excellent relationship makes us all stronger."  It is by succeeding in making the best use of everyone's skills and cleverly bringing them together that she achieves her objectives so fully. "For me, every team member plays their part in their own way, to achieve shared objectives and move the project forward. The word ‘member’ is significant, because we act like the members of the human body. Each is important and has a different purpose, but once they are coordinated they move us forward." Hence the importance for Laure to place a trusted leader at the head of each of her teams.

Moving is good for your health!

Laure dedicates most of her free time to her family, particularly her little three-year-old girl and her four-month-old baby boy. She is also a keen sportswoman, experienced at team races that often combine running, biking and canoeing. A passion she shares with many of her colleagues.  "We regularly put together teams and it's always a great shared experience." Laure also enjoys manual and creative activities. "I love feeling that sense of achievement and I like to dream up harmonious and sparkling compositions." Music also plays an important role in her life. She listens to it as much as possible, even as she works and she loves all kinds of music, from opera to rock.

Positive thinking

A dyed-in-the-wool optimist and a determined fighter, Laure believes that anything is possible as long as we are given the means to succeed and that we continue to believe it. In her eyes, the most important thing is to have goals and make every effort to achieve them. "I sincerely believe that humans are incredible machines, full of inexhaustible resources to achieve their goals. Evolution is proof of that!" To motivate her teams, she willingly takes on the role of coach, a personal development expert. Her motto is "You have to believe in yourself and know yourself well to identify your strengths and weaknesses. You need a bit of good luck, but you can make your own luck!" Laure has learned that seizing an opportunity means the beginning of a story that must be completed. This pragmatic woman knows where she is going but can also handle the ups and downs. "I want to be proud of myself, learn from my successes as well as my failures and never regret not doing something!”

Big responsibilities

Before taking decisions, Laure thinks about them twice. And for good reason: even the smallest technical choices can have very significant impacts. She must find the best solutions to equip often complex buildings with ever cleaner technologies in temperature management and control, while constantly improving site production techniques to minimise waste production. Safety is also an essential factor. Construction is a dangerous area where an accident can quickly occur. "Acting early to prevent risks and making sure that your colleagues on site are working in a safer environment is, in my view, a key contribution of business managers at ENGIE Axima." Every day, Laure gains a little more control and responsibility. Her goal now is to take on a position with greater on site perspective and an even stronger team management focus. "I would like to have the means to help the professional development of my employees and have a more comprehensive view of the profit centre to which I contribute." It looks like she's well on the way! 

Laure Monneron Sollami, Business manager