Jean Pierre HERVE

ENGIE Mediator is an independent entity:

Referenced in March 2012 by the Commission of Consummation Mediation, created by the July 1st, 2010 law.

  • Independent budget
  • A team exclusively dedicated to Mediator
  • 3 year mediators terms, renewable but not revocable
  • Free from subordinate relationships with the company
  • Respecting the Public Service Mediator Club’s Mediation charter


ENGIE Mediation comes as a complementary resort to the complaints handling processes implemented by the different Group’s customer services, and thus offers claimants a last resort for out-of-court settlement within the ENGIE Group, in situations where claimants are dissatisfied with the response given to their complaints.

Jean Pierre HERVE was appointed Mediator by the Group’s Chairman & CEO on July 1, 2014. His professional career explains his strong experience in the businesses of energy and relations with stakeholders. He is completely independent. Every year, he produces a report describing his activities, a summary of requests received, an analysis of the cases handled and details of recommendations made to operational services.

 How to seek the assistance of the Mediator?

The Mediator can only be contacted when the ENGIE customer services have already been requested and the solution put forward was unsatisfactory.

The Mediator can be contacted in writing:

  • by ordinary letter, addressed to:
    Médiateur ENGIE – TSA 34321 – 92099 LA DEFENSE Cedex – FRANCE
  • by completing the online form.

How will your request be processed?

All requests are examined and followed up. Depending on your initial complaint,

  • either it is sent to the concerned services for processing and monitored until resolution, when prior procedures have not been followed through.
  • or, as a last attempt to settle at an out-of-court settlement within ENGIE, it is handled by the ENGIE Mediator, who will contact you to get all the details and work out a fair and legal solution with you and the service concerned.


Looking back on 15 years of mediation on the basis of 4 key points

On October 21, 2014, the lecture theatre of the ENGIE Tower in La Défense hosted a meeting on the subject of mediation, 15 years after the Group appointed its first mediator. Two round table sessions reviewed the service that according to ENGIE Chairman and CEO Gérard Mestrallet has become “a duty to our customers.

A process with a human face that delivers an effective response

“Our approach is one of amicable settlement. The work done with energy distributors and providers means that we can offer effective solutions that take individual circumstances into account in ways that are fair to both parties,” explains ENGIE Group Mediator Jean-Pierre Hervé. A series of important improvements have been made to the mediation service, so don’t hesitate to read all of them in detail in the annual report, which is available in French and English.

Key figures for 2014 and the trend in 2015

  • 4,301 requests made to the Mediator in 2014,
  • 4,102 of which were returned to customers services in the different directions and relevant subsidiaries and 199 supported by the Mediator, as a last alternative dispute resolution possibility.
  • A majority of these requests still relate to individual customers but new disputes were supported: suppliers of entities of the Group, B2B customers of services subsidiaries…
  • In the light of the 1st half, the year 2015 will be on the same trend as in 2014, ie a decline in requests, but an increase in disputes handled by the Mediator, in particular linked to the effective expansion of the scope of intervention of the Mediator to entities which did not mention previously, the possibility of alternative dispute resolution to their customers and partners.

Comparative breakdown in categories between 2013 and 2014

The European dimension of mediation

The ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) directive adopted in May 2013 will be transposed into French law in July 2015. Emmanuel Constans, Chairman of the Public Services Mediators Club, stressed the fact that the directive “contains a strict definition of the guarantees required to ensure mediator independence, including appointment by a joint commission, and a 3-year definitive and renewable mandate.” The impact of the ADR will be essentially one of formality for ENGIE, according to those attending the meeting, who see it as reflecting “an increasing interest in mediation by the EU across all business sectors.”

ENGIE goals going forward

“We have set our ambitions high. We want to provide our customers with more information about mediation. We want to extend our discussions with consumer representative organizations and mediators in France and the wider Europe. We want to ensure compliance with the ADR directive. And we want to introduce mediation generally in all 70 of the Group’s operating countries, and establish the mediator’s annual report as a lever for progress for our operations departments,” explained Jean-Pierre Hervé, who has been the ENGIE Group Mediator since July 1, 2014.