Regular information in your mailbox

  • The Letter to Shareholders: this gives you the Group highlights, the latest shareholder activities and deals with specific topics useful to Belgian shareholders, such as taxation of dividends.
  • The magazine “Perspectives”: this is published twice a year and deals with industrial news related to ENGIE.
  • The program for the Club and the Business School as well as invitations and emails on current issues in finance, tax, etc.

Opportunities for Meetings

Visits to industrial sites of the Group let you discover the “on the ground” reality of the ENGIE business lines, and the mechanisms and operations of our innovative facilities. These visits are also an opportunity to meet employees and other members of the Club. You can also participate in various conferences on current issues.

ENGIE also invites you to the annual meeting with Management. This is an opportunity for discussion with our Chairman and CEO, Gérard Mestrallet, to comment on current events, and the issues and future outlook of the Group.

You can also meet the Shareholders’ Club team at various investor trade shows and through the Club’s cultural activities.

Training in Finance

For shareholders who own at least 25 shares, ENGIE provides access to high-quality information so that they can make the most of their shareholder status.
The Shareholders’ Business School gives shareholders an introduction to, or greater understanding of, financial markets, accounting, finance, law and taxation. You can take a cycle of courses, after which an examination lets you test your knowledge and receive a certificate.