The courses are open to all shareholders who own at least 25 shares, whether or not they have already undergone training in the past.

You can take the full program or just the courses that especially interest you. The training program is described in the booklet.

Download the Energies 11 Letter (in French, pdf – 1.7 MB)

An examination is offered to participants who enroll in the full program. All participants in examinations will then be invited to the award ceremony and the distribution of certificates.

Practical Information

  • Schedule

2-hour course sessions, from 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm, with a half-hour break.

  • Location

The courses are held on Tuesdays in French at the ICHEC business school (Rue du Duc, 132 – 1150 Brussels) and on Mondays in Dutch at the HUB (Hogeschool-Universiteit Brussels) – EHSAL Campus (1000 Brussels).

  • Materials

Participants will receive a copy of the materials used by the speakers. In the event of absence, a copy can be obtained at the next session. In the event of prolonged absence for good reason, the syllabus (in French) can be posted or emailed. The courses will be available on line on in pdf format for personal use.

  • Registration Fee

At the time of the enrollment, participants must bring proof that they own at least 25 GDF SUEZ shares (e.g. a recent securities account statement or certificate from your banker).

  • Enrollment

To register, go to