Group Life Events

  • Visit to the Germinon wind park (Marne, France) on May 22, 2013Visit to the Germinon wind park

The GDF SUEZ Shareholders Club invited you to discover the Germinon wind park near Châlons-en-Champagne.

Developed and operated by Eole Génération – a wholly-owned subsidiary of GDF SUEZ – the 30 generators of the Germinon wind park together generate 75 MW of total installed power. Every year, it generates nearly 226 million kW/h of electricity, which is enough to meet the annual needs of 265,000 people, and saves 160,000 metric tons of CO2 emissions per year, compared with a conventional oil-fueled generating plant.



“The explanations given were full and clear.”

 “This tour gave me a clear understanding of the challenges posed by sustainable development. Thank you.”

“I was really surprised by the size of the wind generators.”


  •  The Actionaria shareholder fair in Paris on November 23 and 24, 2012
    The Actionaria shareholder fair in Paris

    © Franck DUNOUAU

The Shareholder Relations team was delighted to have the opportunity to speak with nearly 8,000 shareholders who visited our stand at the Actionaria shareholder fair, Europe’s largest fair for individual shareholders. From Group strategy to our share price, the Shareholders Club and the Shareholders e-club, there were many topics discussed over the two days. Thank you for visiting… We look forward to meeting you again on November 22 and 23, 2013!

Gérard Mestrallet attended a shareholders meeting to make a presentation of the Group, its results and strategy, before answering your questions.


“Gérard Mestrallet gave a very clear presentation about the Group, and what he had to say was very motivating for shareholders.”


  • The “Biomethane, an energy source of the future” conference in Paris on 11 October 2012

Also known as Green Gas, biomethane is an eco-friendly and economical source of energy. As a major force in exploiting this new energy source, GDF SUEZ  is working alongside other industry players to support ambitious projects for developing the biomethane market in France and the wider Europe. Group Head of Business Development Alain Colle was on hand to introduce and explain this energy source of the future, before answering your questions.


“An interesting, very clear and lively presentation. Extremely instructive.”

 “A clear, informative conference that opens the door to solving the problem of what to do with all kinds of waste.”

“Clear, interesting and well presented. I was able to learn a lot more about this subject.”

Cultural events

  • Exhibitions at the Jacquemart-André Museum in Paris, since 2008
    Exhibitions at the Jacquemart-André Museum in Paris


The Jacquemart-André Museum, which holds the most impressive private art collection in Paris, and successfully recreates the feel of a grand 19th century mansion, has been managed by GDF SUEZ subsidiary company Culturespaces since 1995.

Shareholders Club members receive tickets entitling them to direct entry to the permanent collections and traveling exhibitions. The most recent exhibition was Eugène Boudin, the king of skies, which ran from March 22 to July 8 this year. Each exhibition is preceded by a conference hosted by the Shareholders Club, at which a lecturer from the Ecole du Louvre gives a detailed explanation of the key works on show in the Museum.

The Shareholders Club also complements these exhibitions by producing exclusive videos on the most high-profile Jacquemart-André Museum events: Canaletto and Guardi, the 2 Venetian Masters, The Twilight of the Pharaohs and Fra Angelico and the Masters of Light.


The Eugène Boudin, the king of skies exhibition: “Over and above the privilege of having direct entry tickets, we are in your debt for the wonderful experience of enjoying this retrospective of one of my favorite artists. Boudin’s famous skies were just what we needed to light up Paris on this dull grey Whitsun weekend. So we are doubly grateful.”

The Canaletto and Guardi, the 2 Venetian Masters exhibition: “We had the pleasure of a leisurely visit to the Jacquemart-André Museum to enjoy the beautiful Canaletto-Guardi exhibition, thanks to the invitations you sent us. It’s hard to find words to describe this wonderful visit to Venice, which we discover to be teeming with life and people going about their business, and all so stunningly rendered! Thanks again to GDF SUEZ for this hugely interesting event.”

The Twilight of the Pharaohs exhibition: “Thank you everyone.  I went to see the exhibition at the Jacquemart-André Museum after attending the conference.  I really enjoyed it, so thank you again.”

The Fra Angelico and the Masters of Light exhibition: “What can I say! Everything about it was magnificent. The Fra Angelico and the Masters of Light exhibition was perfectly organized. Thanks again for such a pleasurable experience.”


  • Futuroscope, Poitiers, between September and December 2012Futuroscope, Poitiers, between September and December 2012

The GDF SUEZ Shareholders Club gave some of you the opportunity to visit the famous theme park when it celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2012. Having partnered Futuroscope for the creation of The Energy Gardens, GDF SUEZ is also sponsoring more Gardens as part of the ‘Biodiversity and Climate’ program of our corporate foundation’s ’Energy to Act’ program.
Such sponsorship further confirms the commitment of GDF SUEZ to raising general awareness of the rich benefits nature brings us, and the core competencies of the Group: geothermal, hydropower, solar power, wind power, biomass, hydrogen and nuclear power.


“I simply had to thank you for the two tickets you sent me. We had a wonderful day of discovering the various pavilions. We were delighted to finally get to see Futuroscope, because we’d heard so much about it.”

“As delighted winners of the draw for two tickets to Futuroscope near Poitiers, my wife and I thoroughly enjoyed revisiting this enormous theme park (our first visit was a long time ago). We very much appreciated seeing all the new attractions. Thank you so much.”

  • Visits to the René Magritte Museum in Belgium, since November 2009Visits to the René Magritte Museum in Belgium

Thanks to skills sponsorship from GDF SUEZ, the René Magritte Museum has established itself as a cultural must-visit in Brussels, showcasing one of the world’s best-known painters.  The Shareholders Club has made nearly 2,000 free tickets for this museum available to you since 2008. With more than 200 of the artist’s works, this collection is the largest and most diverse in the world. 
The involvement of GDF SUEZ in a cultural project of this magnitude, which benefits both art and sustainable development, reflects a longstanding tradition of the Group in favor of sponsorship combined with corporate social responsibility.


“Yesterday, I used my two free tickets to the Renée Magritte Museum, and had a wonderful time there. Thanks again.”

“It’s amazing! Our visit to this museum dedicated to Magritte was unforgettable! Congratulations to GDF SUEZ for its sponsorship: an enormous success!”

 “Please accept my most sincere thanks for the invitation to visit the René Magritte Museum in Brussels.”

Training courses

  • Stock market training coursesStock market training courses

The Shareholders Club offers year-round stock market training courses in partnership with the Ecole de la Bourse.

Set up in 1997 by the Paris Bourse, the Ecole de la Bourse is France’s leading public stock market training organization. Its training methods are the cornerstones of its success, and have made the Ecole de la Bourse one of the foremost providers of financial education. As a partner of NYSE Euronext and the French Federation of Investment Clubs, the Ecole de la Bourse is a certified training organization.

On your behalf, the GDF SUEZ Shareholders Club selects the most topical training courses offered:


- Managing your portfolio in 2013, in Annecy on October 23, 2012

This half-day course gave you the opportunity to learn the basic rules of portfolio management.

Our trainer began by explaining the asset classes, before moving on to key risks and portfolio management rules.


“Excellent training from the Ecole de la Bourse course leader.”

“Thank you for this training opportunity, which gave me some excellent insights on particular issues, such as UCITS.”

 “The course leader was passionate about the subject, and clearly had a great deal of theoretical and practical knowledge.”

- The Shareholder Guide, in Paris on June 8, 2012The Shareholder Guide, in Paris on June 8, 2012

The aim of this course was to introduce (or reintroduce) you the topic of Being a Shareholder in Today’s World. After an introductory presentation on how the stock market operates, our trainer talked about the utilities sector and those stock market indices that include GDF SUEZ.
He then went on to explain the alternative methods of shareholding and the various types of stock market order, before concluding by answering your questions.
Please do not hesitate to view the GDF SUEZ Shareholder Guide.


“Thank you for this clear and instructive presentation with its special focus on what it means to be a GDF SUEZ shareholder.”

“This training course explained everything you need to know about the stock market succinctly, practically and clearly.”


In addition to these stock market training courses hosted in partnership with the Ecole de la Bourse, we would also encourage you to visit the GDF SUEZ shareholders e-club to take advantage of other training opportunities hosted in partnership with leading Belgian universities. Here, you’ll find full information about the following training courses and many others: “Fundamental Analysis” and “The economic problems of the Eurozone and their impact on the global economy: What solutions are available?”


  • Internet training coursesInternet training courses

Once or twice every year, the Shareholders Club hosts an afternoon training session on using the Internet.

Held in small groups, this introductory course for beginners is designed to help you browse the GDF SUEZ website (share price, dividend, general meetings of shareholders, registration for club events, etc.) and explore the e-club website.


“A very informal training session perfect for beginners like me.”

“This session made me feel much more at ease with using the Internet. The team was extremely instructive and very friendly.”

“As a novice, I was very interested in learning more about the Internet.”

 Sports events

  • Tennis : the GDF SUEZ OpenTennis: the GDF SUEZ Open

For the last 21 years, GDF SUEZ has been forming long-term partnerships to support every aspect of women’s professional tennis in France. As a partner of the French Tennis Federation and the French Fed Cup Team since 1992, the Group supports top-level young players and contributes to the creation and promotion of women’s professional tennis tournaments, including twenty GDF SUEZ Open competitions. It extends the benefits of these commitments through supportive partnerships with the sport, particularly in conjunction with the Fête Le Mur tennis charity for underprivileged children set up by Yannick Noah.

Since 2008, the Shareholders Club has made it possible for nearly 3,500 shareholders to attend women’s professional tennis tournaments sponsored by GDF SUEZ.


“I’d like to thank GDF SUEZ and the members of the Shareholder Relations Service so much for giving me the opportunity to attend the semi-finals of the GDF SUEZ Open. As well as the obvious pleasure of watching high-quality matches, as a club player and volunteer myself, the lessons I learned on the day will undoubtedly be useful in the future.”

“A quick note to thank you for last Saturday’s tennis tickets; we had a great time.”

“Thank you for these free tickets. We had an excellent and very sunny afternoon in Saint-Malo, with a really friendly atmosphere on court and two excellent competitors.”


  • Football: French national team matches since 2008 Football: French national team matches since 2008

It was in 2006 that GDF SUEZ began a series of partnerships with the French Football Federation and many professional clubs. Consistent with its principles of sustainable development and good citizenship, the GDF SUEZ Group also supports educational initiatives and social projects built around the game of football.
Every year, the Shareholders Club offers free tickets to selected French national team matches.


“We must thank you for a very pleasant evening.”

“Thank you for the tickets you sent us for the France-USA match. This was my first visit to the Stade de France, so thanks again for a wonderful evening.”

“Thanks to the Shareholders Club, we were invited to watch the France-Albania match at the Stade de France. Thank you for a great evening.”