Who is WIN for and how can you join?

The network is for all women in the Group! There are two ways to join:

• take part in a “Taking the Stage for ENGIE” group by being invited by the group’s coordinator,

• send your speculative application to the network’s leaders.

This awareness program, which marks entry into the network, is made up of 4 discussionand sharing modules between women around the question of leadership.

How is the network growing?

WIN is growing thanks to groups built around the “Taking the Stage for ENGIE” program. The groups are formed in a series: each woman participating is free to then make up her own group and to fulfil the role of program coordinator with the help of the teaching materials provided, and so on. Each group is made up of 10 to 15 women representing the different ENGIE jobs and sectors.


The network’s tools

Different tools have brought the WIN network to life over the months. Aside from the female leadership awareness program, “Taking the Stage for ENGIE”, the newsletter and the monthly bulletin allow everyone to stay up to date on the network’s activities and gender diversity news. Finally, events such as dinners, conferences and debates or trips give women in the network the chance to meet up regularly.

The WIN network is continuing to expand in the French regions (Est, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, Rhône-Alpes, Normandie and Paca) and internationally. Following France and Belgium, it was established in Morocco and the United States in 2010, and in Germany and the Middle East in 2012.


WIN network: key figures

  • 826 women belong to the WIN network

. 35 in Maroco

. 27 in Middle East

. 32 in USA

. 14 in Germany

. 718 in France and Europe

  • 49 groups have been formed
  • 74 women have acted as coordinators
  • More than 150 women are still on the waiting list for joining a group


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