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Comment encourager la mobilité électrique dans une ville comptant plus de 3,2 millions d'habitants ?

Par ENGIE - 26 novembre 2019 - 17:06

Rotterdam, à la fois port commercial d'Europe et premier centre économique des Pays-Bas, est très familière des enjeux de mobilité. Compte tenu de son implantation, à seulement deux mètres au-dessus du niveau de la mer, Rotterdam est également sensible aux enjeux du changement climatique. Pour encourager la bascule vers la mobilité électrique, ENGIE et sa filiale EVBox déploient 3 000 bornes de recharge intelligentes, performantes et connectées dans 20 villes des Pays-Bas, dont Rotterdam et la Haye. 


Client Challenges

  • Improving air quality
  • Reducing the impact of global warming
  • Promoting the adoption of clean, quiet modes of transport
  • Better access to charging infrastructure / facilities
  • Acceleration of the electric transport development · Bringing value to the citizen (the citizen is part of the charging station network development through an “on demand” process)· Preparing integration of E-Mobility in the energy and grid landscape, using EV as batteries on wheel that will provide flexibility to the grid and value to the city of Rotterdam


“Over the past few years, we've gained extensive experience on how to optimize the usage of the charging network by implementing smart charging technology. Cities like Rotterdam are key for us to continue learning and build an even better success story alongside ENGIE.”Kristof Vereenooghe, CEO at EVBox.


ENGIE's Solution

To help make transportation more sustainable in Rotterdam, ENGIE and its subsidiary EVBox implemented its mobility program. ENGIE was tasked with the installation, management, and operation of thousands of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations across Rotterdam (12 municipalities in total), as well as supplying the energy that powers the vehicles. But for a solution to truly spark behavior change, it needs to be convenient for the user. That’s why the charging stations have been strategically placed across the city—train stations, parking lots—and future locations are determined based on locals’ needs. Citizens can request new charging stations near their homes and places of work via an online portal, which takes care of the verification process and steps for the installation of the charging stations

Expertise and Offers Mobilized

  • Electric mobility
  • Installation, exploitation, financing and management for third parties
  • Big data analysis
  • Advanced digital capabilities
  • Integrated solution
  • Reducing CO2 carbon footprint