Transforming public transport for greener mobility

ENGIE makes a commitment for its customers, offering solutions to make travelling more fluid, develop green mobility and ensure passenger comfort.
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Public transport, a key factor in the attractiveness of territories

Mobility issues are closely linked to the transformations that our cities and metropolises are undergoing today. And the growth of the urban population over the past 50 years, which has been accelerating steadily, is one of the main factors driving urban change. According to the United Nations(1), it is estimated that by 2050, 7 out of every 10 people on our planet will live in urban areas. Against a backdrop of ever denser populations in our cities, what is the future for public transport? 
Public transport is a major factor in the development and attractiveness of territories, enabling fluidity of travel, while ensuring the safety and comfort of passengers. It is also a powerful lever for reducing carbon emissions and protecting the environment. In fact, public transport alone accounts for 27% of carbon emissions(2).

Harnessing our expertise for greener mobility  

On behalf of our customers, we deploy a range of the best available expertise hinged around energy and systems, for safe, clean, efficient and appealing public transport solutions. Electrification, alternative fuels that reduce pollution, increased connectivity, digitalisation of services, smart systems and digital tools for data management and analysis are at the heart of the solutions we offer our customers.  
We are active in every form of public transport:

  • Metro
  • Tramway
  • Main and intermediate railway lines, including high-speed lines
  • Bus and Bus Rapid Transit systems


Our public transport activities in figures

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All our public transport services

Management of technical installations

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gestion des installations techniques


  • High and low voltage 
  • Stations and substations 
  • Catenary and overhead contact lines 
  • Signage 
  • The traffic signal system 
  • Help points in stations / tunnels

Safety and security

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Sécurité et sûreté


  • Automatic platform Screen doors
  • Locking and control of switches 
  • Crosswind detector 
  • Video surveillance 
  • Access control system
  • Cybersecurity intrusion detection system

Systems and Telecommunications

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Systèmes et télécommunications


  • Central communication network
  • Transmission network 
  • Wifi on board 
  • Railway telephone system 
  • Radio system (communication between ground and vehicles) 
  • Voice systems (administrative and operational)
  • Control Center


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  • Urban planning and engineering 
  • Consultation 
  • Systems integration 
  • Control Center
  • Finance and Operations

Passenger Experience

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Expérience passager


  • Wifi on board 
  • Passenger information system 
  • Public address system 
  • Multimodal Transportation Information 
  • Fleet Management

Green mobility

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Mobilité verte


  • Charging station for electric vehicle 
  • CNG / CNG stations 
  • Smart Parking
  • Carpooling 
  • Shipyard management 
  • Detour - ITS Traffic Management 
  • Multi-technical maintenance and Facility Management

Our references

Tours-Bordeaux rail line (France)

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Tours-Bordeaux: a high-speed rail link 

The South-Europe-Atlantic high-speed rail line links Bordeaux to Paris in just two hours, with trains travelling at speeds of 300 to 320 kph. Signalling, telecoms and access control/security systems, construction of technical buildings, electrical substations, catenary systems, roll-out of innovative safety systems, ENGIE teams contributed their very best expertise. This included energy optimisation of the line, with eco-responsible air-conditioning of the technical buildings.

Internet on the bus in Brussels (Belgium)

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An internet connection on every bus! 

The international transport operator FlixBus has awarded Icomera, a subsidiary of the ENGIE group, the contract to supply an advanced onboard Internet connectivity platform to its fleet of intercity coaches. The Icomera solution will provide passengers with a next-generation WiFi connection and a powerful onboard entertainment system directly on their smartphones.

(1)    United Nations - Department of Economic and Social Affairs 
(2)    Bloomberg NEF - Air Conditioning Heats up Electricity Demand