Smart services

To make our clients’ zero-carbon transition possible


As a global leader in low carbon energy and services, we help our clients reach their environmental goals and save energy. ENGIE can rely on customer intimacy, segment knowledge and a long-proven ability to finance and manage infrastructure. Combining our historical strengths, we are now able to create “as a service” offers for a zero carbon transition. From electrical engineering, heating & cooling, mechanics or robotics, we know our customers from the inside and build a trust relationship.


By combining our expertise in infrastructures with the close relationship we have with our customers, we now have the ability to create ‘as a service’ packages for the transition to a zero carbon world. Our expertise in climate, electrical, energy, mechanical and industrial engineering allows us to satisfy all the requirements of all our customers with complete confidence. We are rolling out digital technology solutions to support new urban infrastructures, smarter buildings and more eco-friendly industrial production.


We have a broad range of package solutions designed to deliver rapid growth and maximum impact


We specialize in high-value-added solutions that include on-site cogeneration of heat and power, heating and cooling systems, street lighting, roof-mounted solar panels, electric vehicle charging points and more...


We offer all our clients a bespoke combination of technical skills packages specifically to meet their challenges :


  • Hospital Chirec Delta in Brussels: intelligent and sustainable energy solutions Intelligent and sustainable energy solutions


ENGIE with its subsidiaries ENGIE Cofely, ENGIE Axima and ENGIE Fabricom has signed a 12-year contract for overall energy management of the CHIREC Hospital. This 100.000 m2 hospital center has 31 operating rooms and more than 900 beds and offers the latest medical technologies (medical imaging, nuclear medicine, etc.). The contract provides for the installation of a large datacenter to control all technologies, from total energy control to patient follow-up to the operating room, electrical technical systems and energy efficiency solutions: cogeneration, condensing boilers, heat pumps, photovoltaic and solar panels for domestic hot water… 


Key figures : 135 supply units, 5 cooling units, 5000 fire dampers, more than 5000 alarm points, 1000 CTM images, 100% LED lighting, etc.


  • Systecon LLC - West-Chester, Ohio (USA) A leading complex modular solution provider for customers


ENGIE has acquired Systecon LLC, a leading complex modular solution provider for customers in a broad range of industries for mission-critical data center, commercial, industrial, hospital, government, education, and hospitality industry projects. Systecon combines a unique custom, modular design plus factory-assembly approach that accelerates construction schedules. The Systecon acquisition continues to strengthen ENGIE’s capacity to deliver best-in-class mechanical service, maintenance, construction, commissioning, and energy solutions in North America.


Key figures : More than 85 employees, 5,000 projects combining modular design and factory assembly; the company uses the easyRE solution to generate more than 50% of the energy needed by the Nestlé manufacturing and distribution facilities in Texas.


  • Photovoltaic Solar Parc - Sonora State (Mexico) A production capacity of 1055 MW of renewable energy in Mexico


ENGIE has signed a 15-year contract to build a solar park whose energy will be used to supply 100% green electricity to the Gerdau Corsa plant, one of Mexico's main steel suppliers. ENGIE will invest $111 million to commission this 266-hectare solar park, which will house 400,000 photovoltaic panels. This project will create more than 350 jobs in the region during the construction phase scheduled for late 2019. With this new solar park, ENGIE will reach a production capacity of 1055 MW of renewable energy in Mexico.


Key figures : 400,000 photovoltaic panels covering 266 hectares (657 acres) with the power generating capacity of 131MW; the commissioning of this solar park cost $111 million and created more than 350 jobs during the construction phase.