The Ethics, Environment and Sustainability Committee is composed of four members:

  • Françoise Malrieu (Chairman),
  • Ann-Kristin Achleitner,
  • Alain Beullier,
  • Stéphane Pallez.

Operating procedures

Article 3.5 of the Internal Regulations defines the rules and operating procedures for the Ethics, Environment and Sustainability Committee. The Committee oversees compliance with the individual and collective values that form the basis of the Group’s actions, as well as with the rules of conduct that each employee must follow.

The Ethics, Environment and Sustainability Committee met five times in 2012, with an average participation rate of 85%. Five meetings have been scheduled for 2013.


The Ethics, Environment and Sustainability Committee, whose composition was renewed at the Board of Directors meeting on April 23, 2012, reviewed the Group’s ethics and compliance systems, as well as its sustainability policy.

Regarding ethical compliance management, it reviews the applicable standards and the report on ethical incidents in the main areas of risk, using the reporting tools established by the Group.
The annual compliance procedure involves asking the managers of the business lines and functional departments to commit to applying the Group’s policies, and the Committee observed that this had been complied with. In addition, the Committee received the Group’s ethics report. Lastly, it acknowledged the ethics policy of the Energy International business line and reviewed the ethics policy followed with respect to sales agents, as well as reputational risk.

Regarding sustainability, the Committee acknowledged the Group’s environmental performance report, and the annual report on the sustainability action plans.
The annual occupational health and safety report was also submitted to the Committee.
Pursuant to the Internal Regulations, the Board’s operating procedures in 2012 were assessed under the supervision of the Committee’s Chairman working together with an independent expert. The assessment was submitted to the Board of Directors at its meeting on February 27, 2013.
The Board approved the recommendations made by the Committee. These consisted in continuing the progress made following last year’s recommendations with regard to the Board’s involvement in matters of human resources; the further enhancement of strategic discussions by addressing a greater number of summary reports; and topics pertaining to Research & Development.
The Committee also recommended the implementation of a strategic decision-monitoring tool. 

of Committee members are women