The role of the Environmental and Societal Responsibility Direction is to lead and invigorate the Group’s approach to Sustainability. Its missions are as follows:

  • Propose Group policies and strategies in this area, drive their implementation through the operational Business Lines and Functional Departments, and organize their external reporting and promotion
  • Monitor the sustainability objectives within the framework of the Group’s management principles
  • Direct the necessary Group projects to pave the way for the strategies or encourage their implementation
  • Coordinate the correspondents’ network in the Group’s operating entities and central functions
  • Conduct the Group’s external relations with international bodies on these issues
  • Be a vector for integration and cohesion at Group level based on shared sustainability values
  • Manage major partnerships in this area with NGOs
  • Manage Research & Development projects in sustainability

The Department’s three functional business areas

  • Management and Performance: 
    • Strategic planning
    • Integration of sustainability in corporate procedures
    • Relations with non-financial rating agencies and investors
    • Promoting networks and communication
  • Environment and Climate: 
    • Preparation of the Group’s strategic positioning in these areas
    • Monitoring international negotiations and regulatory developments
    • Project management for research
    • Providing support for action plans in the Business Lines and environmental reporting
  • Social Responsibility: 
    • Societal engineering for the Group by supporting its businesses
    • Promoting actions in favor of vulnerable customers, particularly through programs designed to reduce energy and water poverty
    • Projects for access to water, energy and sanitation for less developed populations
    • Development and management of sustainability partnerships with NGOs