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ENGIE x City of Niterói - BRAZIL

How to reduce traffic jams in a city with 500,000 inhabitants?

By ENGIE - 07 January 2021 - 14:41

Lying across Guanabara Bay from Rio de Janeiro, the city of Niterói has long been faced with one of the most common problems for metropolitan areas: traffic congestion. ENGIE’s innovative solutions have helped the municipality improve the situation considerably. Its residents’ quality of life and the region’s economy have really reaped the benefits!


ENGIE’s solution for the municipality of Niterói: a smart traffic management tool

Smooth flow of transport is a key factor for improving comfort, competitiveness and environmental performance in the cities of the future. Niterói joined up with ENGIE to devise an ambitious programme to improve traffic flow.

By deploying its Livin offer, ENGIE combined cutting-edge technology and local expertise to create a smart tool that automatically regulates traffic flow. The principle is to install high-tech cameras in strategic areas where they monitor road traffic in real time. Traffic light duration is adjusted instantaneously.

The results speak for themselves: a 30% reduction in traffic congestion to date! As well as reducing residents’ journey times, the system has helped improve air quality, reduce pollution, limit the number of road accidents, and control electricity consumption. Sustainable mobility solutions can enhance the attractiveness of an entire city. 


“We are working with ENGIE to make Niterói a model smart city.”
Axel Grael, Deputy Mayor of Niterói


Key Figures

  • 500,000 inhabitants  
  • 190 smart traffic lights that self-regulate in real time 
  • 30% fewer traffic jams