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ENGIE x City of Niterói - BRAZIL

How to improve traffic flow and control energy consumption in a city of more than 500,000 inhabitants?

By ENGIE - 31 October 2019 - 18:05

Located in the greater Rio area, Niterói is confronted with one of the major challenges facing modern metropolitan areas: traffic congestion. As part of a 15-year partnership, ENGIE and Niterói have joined forces to deploy a monitoring and management solution to adjust traffic flow in real time.

Client Challenges

  • Reducing urban congestion
  • Controlling energy consumption
  • Monitoring pollution levels
  • Improving road safety


"With ENGIE, we are working to make Niterói an exemplary smart city.”

Axel Grael, Deputy Mayor of Niterói


ENGIE's Solution

To address Niterói’s traffic concerns, ENGIE implemented its BETTER Mobility program and created an advanced, automated tool based on its Livin’ offer, an intelligent infrastructure solution that combines cutting-edge technology and ENGIE’S local expertise. More than 220 high-tech smart cameras were installed in the city’s 10 most congested areas and they actively monitor vehicles in real time. This data is transmitted to a central command center where 190 traffic light controllers automatically adjust light duration accordingly. To date, the system has led to a 30% reduction in traffic.


ENGIE’s traffic management solution not only reduces travel time for inhabitants, but also improves air quality, environmental impact of traffic, risk of accidents, and, even the economic performance of the region. Real time, real results.

Expertise and Offers Mobilized

  • Real-time traffic control
  • Traffic management automation
  • Environmental footprint reduction
  • Safety improvement
  • Urban development and data science exp

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