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ENGIE x DSM Nutritional Products - SWITZERLAND


How to deliver a modern, green, “as-a-service” energy solution to the world’s largest vitamin producer?

By ENGIE - 29 October 2019 - 17:08

In Sisseln, Switzerland, DSM Nutritional Products runs the world largest vitamin E factory. However, significant output also requires a great deal of energy  and the outdated fossil-fuel boiler  generated substantial CO2 emissions. ENGIE partnered with the local energy utility, ewz, to create a cleaner power plant, helping DSM reduce its carbon footprint and contribute to Switzerland’s larger Energie 2050 strategy.


Key Figures

Client Challenges

  • Zero occupational accidents on the site.
  • Efficient production of the products in the desired quantities with high quality.


ENGIE's Solution

To help DSM reduce its carbon footprint, ENGIE teamed up with ewz and implemented its BETTER Energy program. DSM was looking for a modern, “as-a-service” solution, meaning one that is turnkey, tailor made, and co-financed. The result is the new wood biomass power plant, a beacon for sustainable development. The plant runs on locally sourced wood chips (within a 100km radius maximum) and supplies green energy—not only to DSM, but also to Syngenta and Novartis plants as well as to the equivalent of 17,500 local households. Inaugurated in April 2019, the new biomass plant will help DSM to decrease its CO2 emissions by 50,000 tonnes. 

Expertise and Offers 

ENGIE supports the customer by supplying: 

 Energy and process media with very high availability.  

 Comprehensive maintenance of the energy, waste disposal and HVAC systems. 


"Our site in Sisseln, Switzerland is the largest vitamin production plant in the world. Our products are sold globally thanks to our technology, our well-trained employees and the political stability of the country. This sustainable investment makes our site even more attractive thanks to the significant reduction of its carbon footprint—one of DSM's top priorities.”

Christoph Goppelsroeder, President & CEO of DSM Nutritional Products

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