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How to build the future for electric mobility in a city with 650,000 inhabitants?

By ENGIE - 07 January 2021 - 14:43

To reduce its impact on climate change and encourage its residents to adopt clean and quiet modes of transport, the city of Rotterdam has made firm commitments to developing sustainable mobility. By installing and supplying energy for the city’s smart charging stations for electric vehicles, ENGIE and its subsidiary EVBox are key partners in the transition of this pioneering European city.


ENGIE’s solution for ROTTERDAM: citizens at the heart of the system

Did you know that the transport sector generates the largest share of greenhouse gas emissions in Europe today? With this in mind, the economic capital of the Netherlands decided to develop cleaner mobility. It chose ENGIE and its subsidiary EVBox to install thousands of electric vehicle charging stations in Rotterdam and its suburbs, and supply the energy to power them. 

And the innovative idea behind the solution? We decided to put citizens and their needs at the heart of the system. A special platform enables residents to request installation of charging stations near their home or place of work. 

Alongside our subsidiary EVBox, one of the world’s leading ecomobility providers offering smart and ultra-fast charging solutions, we have committed to installing a million charging stations worldwide by 2025.


“Over the past few years, we've gained extensive experience on how to optimize the usage of the charging network by implementing smart charging technology. Cities like Rotterdam are key for us to continue learning and build an even better success story alongside ENGIE.”
Kristof Vereenooghe, CEO at EVBox


  • 3,000 smart, efficient and connected charging stations, installed by ENGIE in 20 cities in the Netherlands, including Rotterdam and The Hague. 
  • 1 million charging stations installed worldwide by 2025: this is ENGIE’s commitment

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