Whether from agriculture, the food industry or households, millions of metric tons of waste are produced every year. Long seen as a problem, these types of waste have become their own solution, since they can be used to generate biomethane, a green and renewable energy source. From waste to green fuel for vehicles or space heating, what is the transformation & distribution cycle for this gas?

The collected waste is brought together in a methanation facility to be transformed into biogas. This is then purified to the same level of quality as natural gas to produce biomethane. GrDF then odorizes the biomethane for safety and quality control purposes.

Once it meets all the relevant standards, GrDF injects it into the supply networks that carry this green energy from its production facility to the location where it will be consumed. Biomethane can then be used for a broad range of applications: vehicle fuel, space heating, cooking and water heating.

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