The opportunity to be a driving force for change

Joining the ENGIE Group IS community means being involved directly in implementing the Group’s information technology strategy, and supporting its digital transition in terms of the services it offers to its customers and the internal structuring of Group projects (Big Data, cloud computing, social networks, smart energies, etc.). For example, the Group is currently rolling out a new virtual working environment called skynote for all its entities in Europe. This service will deliver greater flexibility and autonomy for our teams by enabling them to connect from every work location and type of device. At the heart of our digital transition, our information systems are no longer simply a support function, but are becoming a core stakeholder in developing the way work is structured and the Group’s new business sectors.

A close working relationship with ENGIE business lines

The transition of the energy industry to the digital era is revolutionizing the business lines of ENGIE by impacting every link in the value chain. Joining our IS community means being at the epicenter of this change, helping people to evolve the business and inventing new solutions on a daily basis; solutions that enable the Group’s business lines to compete effectively and develop the energy industry of tomorrow. For example, Cofely Services drew on the expertise of its IS teams when designing its innovative D’Effi collaborative energy consumption optimization web platform. The early involvement of IS teams made it possible to implement reliable Machine-to-Machine connectivity solutions. Cloud computing, connected objects, smart grids, the smart city, agility and business intelligence… these are just some of the challenges for our highly skilled teams.

A culture of innovation / Stimulating challenges

Innovation is integral to IS DNA and a major lever in the digitization of ENGIE business lines and processes. The IS community offers new and relevant solutions to our business lines with the ultimate aim of creating value and accelerating transformational change. Ecometering, a subsidiary of ENGIE Energie France, is a perfect example of this spirit of innovation in action. Formed as an in-house startup in January 2013, Ecometering designs, develops and operates smart energy control and management solutions. These solutions rely on the ability to use smart algorithms to process large volumes of data in real time. As part of ensuring that its solutions deliver the best-possible response to consumer needs, Ecometering relies on its GDF SUEZ LabEnergie community of testers. By addressing issues such as Big Data, smart technologies and open innovation, the IS is central to everything Ecometering does, and will eventually enable its customers – companies like Electrabel and GDF SUEZ DolceVita – to roll out these services on a very large scale.

Expert teams

IS community development depends on the skills of its teams in multiple areas of expertise, and their ability to adopt and apply the latest digital technologies effectively. Big Data, mobility and cloud computing are just some of the key areas of expertise developed by ENGIE IS teams in response to the needs of Group business lines. ENGIE has created a number of Communities of Practices (CoP), some of them specific to IS, to encourage the networked exchange of knowledge on the issues surrounding innovation and the new challenges posed by the digital world.

A wealth of opportunities for career development

We currently have many available vacancies; examples include contract managers, technical architects, delivery managers and project leaders. Joining the ENGIE IS community also means gaining privileged access to these highly diversified products and services, and an open door to a Group whose business activities cover the entire energy chain, from exploration to marketing, as well as to many information technology career opportunities, from software management to cloud computing, Big Data and connected objects. We offer a broad range of in-house professional development programs, including the IS Project Academy for our IS project leaders. This particular program includes e-learning modules, group practical sessions and individual coaching.