This interview with Antoine appeared in issue 73 of Grandes Ecoles et Universités magazine


Antoine, , Head of Hydrokinetic Technologies at GDF SUEZ Future Energies


Why did you choose hydrokinetics?

Firstly, because I’m passionate about the sea! And secondly, because this is a sector where you get to work in extreme environments that no other industry has yet ventured into. Ours is a young industry that’s just at the beginning and has it all to do.


What are your missions?

I joined ENGIE soon after the Group entered the hydrokinetics market. I began by taking responsibility for technology benchmarking to identify the best turbine manufacturer partners. I then contributed to defining the architecture of our hydrokinetics projects, drawing on the expertise of our partner design consultancies. I’m also responsible for coordinating interfaces with our suppliers and identifying the innovative technologies that have yet to be designed. The current goal of my team is to finalize the technical aspects of the pre-project phase to resolve any financial, technical or environmental risks ahead of the final investment decision. I can’t wait to see these ocean giants become a reality!


Why did you choose to begin your career with ENGIE?

Because of its unique level of strength in the market and its diverse energy portfolio. Because of the opportunity it gives its people to work in close interaction with the full range of Group support functions and experts. Because of its career development prospects and the many career bridges it offers its most talented people. And because I wanted to work with a corporate group that dares to lead the world through innovation.