Interview with Bieke for Human Energies N°8


«The sector of nuclear dismantling and decommissioning is an extremely interesting sector to work in. It’s a domain full of opportunities and growth»


Bieke, expert engineer in radiation protection

What was your background before joining ENGIE ?

I graduated as civil engineer at the University of Ghent in Belgium. During my master I had the opportunity to do an internship at the Manipal Institute of Technology in the South of India. This experience sparked my interest in working abroad and I am currently engaged in several international projects.


How did you come to be recruited by ENGIE?

I started my career in the medical sector, I worked as radiation physicist in the radiotherapy department of the OLV hospital in Aalst, Belgium. This enabled me to develop a thorough,
practical knowledge of all the various characteristics of radiation. In a search for new challenges I started working as a project engineer for Tecnubel (ENGIE).
While working on several smaller projects in nuclear dismantling and characterization, I undertook a broad training programme offered by Engie; the Nuclear Trainee Program (NTP). Engie then enabled me to continue upgrading my professional skills with a certified PMI (Project management Institute) course. Today I am a project manager at Tecnubel for e.g. the dismantling project
of the turbine hall of the Bohunice nuclear power plant in Slovakia.


How has the Nuclear Trainee Program been beneficial?

The NTP program was useful to me for various reasons. The course itself gave me the opportunity to expand my technical knowledge, as well as enhancing my presentation and communication skills.
However, the programme is much more than just training. It also opened up communication lines with other companies within ENGIE. These allow experiences to be shared and expands the support network you
can call upon on when challenges arise during projects.


Do you work in a team?

Last August I was appointed Head of Projects of Tecnubel. In this role I am responsible of the projects carried out within the company, for this I am supported by a team of engineers and operators. In April of this year we won a major project in radioactive waste management and processing tasks in Belgrade, Serbia. As project manager I am working with a team of Belgian experts as well as with local experts and workers onsite. The cultural challenges posed by foreign projects are significant, but make this type of work even more motivating.


What would you like to do in the future?

The sector of nuclear dismantling and decommissioning is an extremely interesting sector to work in. It’s a domain full of opportunities and growth. Therefore I want to enhance my project management skills in this field and expand my experience in decommissioning projects all over the world.