Camila De Matos, engineer What training have you had ?

After a Higher Technical diploma in analytical chemistry, I obtained a degree in chemical engineering. A year after my engineering studies, following my first experience in a profession al environment, I decided to specialise and return to study. I focused on technologies related to renewable energies with a Master at the École Polytechnique in Paris (REST Master in Renewable Energy Science & Technology), for which I received a grant from the Quai d’Orsay / ENGIE program.


What career path have you taken ?

I’ve been involved in various scientific research projects in Brazil and France and I’ve also had 18 months’ industry experience. After my master in renewable energy, I was looking for an opportunity that would allow me to make the link between the research field and industry application. I found that at Laborelec in Belgium. I worked there on solar energy as an intern and then on a temporary contract. I then had the opportunity to continue working with Laborelec at its new subsidiaries in Chile.


How were you recruited by ENGIE ?

Santiago de ChileThe Quai d’Orsay program was a determining factor. In order to receive the grant, I prepared a dossier and had interviews in Brazil with ENGIE as well as the French Embassy. I was then supervised by a mentor who introduced me to the Group’s activities and I was advised throughout my master by Group HR and by one of the Group’s Talent Advisors. During this period I was guided towards one of the Group’s learning programs in Latin America, which really motivated me: ¿Cuanta Energia Tienes? (CET). Finally, I received an offer to join the Laborelec team in Chile, on a permanent contract.


How has the «¿Cuanta Energia Tienes ?» program been beneficial ?

CET has allowed me to continue in the Group and to encounter new challenges in the growing market of Latin America. I will therefore be able to develop my skills in the technical and market-related fields, by contributing to Chile’s energy transition. I also have the opportunity to learn a new language and culture.


Do you work in a team ?

Yes, and that’s very important to me. We are a small team at Laborelec Chile and we share a lot. But we also work very closely with experts in Belgium.


What would you like to do in the future, how would you like your career to progress ?

My priority is to develop my technical skills in solar energy and to become an expert in this field. My current role has already opened the door to this, but it will be a long process of continuous improvement. Then I would really like to deepen my knowledge of economic and market aspects of the industry. Finally, I hope to acquire skills in project management, with a view to moving into a role with more responsibility.