Florent Bergeret

He first became fascinated with the world of energy at a young age. «It’s something that has always attracted me and that I’m still passionate about today.» So it was only natural that having graduated from ESTA as an engineer, he should join ENGIE as a project leader in its research department. That was 14 years ago… «I then worked in Trading for 5 years, and the ENGIE Energies France Power Generation BU for 3 years, where I led managing energy and power generation management projects.»

Fresh from these experiences, Florent joined the team at Smart Energy Lab, which merged with Ecometering last year. «It’s the place where we maximize the possibilities offered by new technologies to design new opportunities for ENGIE customers to use energy better

Developing innovative energy solutions

So what are Florent’s missions? «Creating, designing and developing new smart products and services.» In other words, using innovation to help us consume and manage energy more efficiently. «LabEnergie is one of the resources available to my team; it’s a panel of testers who use our products and give us feedback on their strengths and weaknesses.» Florent is also supported by his Data Analytics team of statisticians and signal processing specialists who work on writing and developing algorithms to analyze data collected in the home. «The greater the detail we can bring to the process of analyzing how energy is consumed, the greater the savings we can deliver via the solutions we develop

This then is the background to a number of new services developed recently for individual homes and multiple occupancy buildings.

Florent Bergeret et Raphaël Lecomte

«For multiple occupancy buildings, we’ve developed a system that can allocate energy costs on the basis of actual consumption by individual residents, rather than on the basis of the floor area they occupy.» So everyone pays for precisely what they consume. «It’s an effective way of encouraging people to pay more attention to, and take more responsibility for, their actual energy consumption!»

In the individual homes market, the emphasis is on energy consumption monitoring solutions, like connected thermostats. «These devices allow people to control their heating remotely and manage their energy consumption in real time.» Customers can then receive personalized advice based on their actual consumption of energy. «A new kind of relationship is emerging between Group brands like DolceVita and Electrabel and their customers; a relationship that is focused on the services delivered to customers. Those services are based on closer and more personal support that helps customers to consume less energy and make better use of the energy they do consume.»

«We will all become prosumers»

Florent Bergeret

Florent works at the crossroads between business and technology, and for him, it’s not just a job, it’s a real passion. «What I love about it is its potential for innovation.» He believes that smart energy solutions will revolutionize the way we use energy in the home. «I’m totally convinced that people’s habits will change completely, and that we will soon move from being simple consumers of energy to becoming prosumers generating our own energy. It’s particularly exciting to have the opportunity of contributing to the process of creating this new way of interacting with energy.»

It’s a sea change in behavior that goes hand-in-hand with the technological revolution. «Connected objects are really changing the way we behave. And when those objects interact with each other, the possibilities become infinite, making it possible to create smart homes. But there are still many things left to invent in our business!»

Engaged and demanding, Florent insists that his team members make innovation and agility the central core of everything they do. «In a world where technology is continually moving forwards, it’s important that everyone individually comes up with new ideas and has the opportunity to test them and demonstrate their effectiveness quickly. This commitment to agility and enabling the emergence of new concepts and services is central to the philosophy of the Group. So as a manager, that’s exactly what I try to encourage in my people.»