Irene, expert metallurgistWhat is your educational and career background ?

After completing my Chemical Engineering (Italy) and Materials Engineering (U.K.) studies, I attained my PhD in Metallurgy (U.K.). My PhD research was industrially sponsored by a UK power company in 2000 and focussed on the evaluation of state-of-the-art materials for power generation applications. My career path in industry started in QinetiQ (U.K.) in 2003, where I had the opportunity to take part into a number of challenging and innovative research projects for gas turbine applications. In 2008, I joined in London International Power, which in 2011 became ENGIE Energy International.


What is your role within ENGIE Energy International ?

I have been working as a Metallurgist (Technical Expert) within the Operations team in ENGIE Energy International. My role consists of providing technical/specialist support to our power plants worldwide on a number of technical issues, such as life management strategy of key components, scrap/repair/replace decisions, root cause analysis investigations following failure incidents, and materials selection. I love my job because it is challenging and very rewarding at the same time. Two years ago I was appointed Key Technical Expert, which was an important achievement for my career since there is just about 400 of these experts in the whole of the ENGIE Group.Working for this company, I feel positively supported towards my own professional development; I have been exposed to many experienced people in different parts of the world.


What is the most interesting and challenging project that you have worked on to date ?

Irène, key technical expert metallurgist Without a doubt, the most interesting and challenging project that I have been involved with to date began four years ago and was completed last year. It was a proof of concept for the manufacturing of advanced gas turbine blades for demonstration purposes, using state-of-the art casting technology. I was heavily involved with the technical management of the entire supply chain which included different contractors around the world. A number of technical and logistical challenges had to be overcome and it was not easy, but it was truly exciting! I had the unique opportunity to learn a lot about casting technology and to actively contribute towards a very successful project. In the end, we were also awarded an Innovation Trophy by ENGIE in 2013!


What do you see yourself doing within GDF SUEZ in the future ?

At present I see myself pursuing my Key Technical Expert career further, as I am currently engaged with some interesting medium-term projects. ENGIE offers a diverse professional environment; I will certainly keep my options open and possibly broaden my horizons, whilst leveraging on my technical expertise.