Jonathan, in charge of research at ENGIE Axima

“ENGIE Axima was the first company to send me a positive response and, unlike many others, immediately backed my training plan”


What’s your educational background?

In 2007, after 5 years at university, studying physical education and sport, I decided to take a different path and turned to the construction sector, more specifically plumbing and heating with a view to ultimately managing teams of such workers. I gained an engineering degree specialising in energy management from the ITII (Institute of Industrial Engineers Technology) Pays de la Loire – Polytech Nantes whilst under an apprenticeship contract with ENGIE Axima.


Can you tell us a bit about your career?

Before obtaining my managerial qualifications I resumed my basic training, obtaining a CAP in plumbing followed by a BTS in Climate Engineering. This background gave me an insight into both on-site and design work. Finally, I gained my engineering degree, specialising in energy management. In the context of my training as an engineer, I was also given the opportunity to attend a course in Singapore at an ENGIE Axima agency serving the naval shipbuilding sector.


How were you recruited by ENGIE?

When looking for employers based on my CAP qualification I targeted large companies. ENGIE Axima was the first to send me a positive response and, unlike many others, immediately backed my training plan. All of this was achieved whilst I was under an apprenticeship contract with ENGIE Axima, but last summer I joined the agency Marine de Lorient, where I was given a permanent contract and put in charge of research.


In what way was your work-linked training beneficial in shaping your career and to what extent does it help you in your daily work?

Having six years of apprenticeship enabled me to slip gradually into working life and gave me a clearer picture of what work is really like. My work-linked training helped me to cope faster with the missions entrusted to me by the company after taking up my post.


Are you part of a team?

Yes, on a daily basis! I’m involved in some major international naval projects in Asia and always work alongside project designers and managers. In this respect working alone is an alien concept to me. And teamwork is a very positive aspect of my job.


What would you like the future to bring? In what direction do you want to develop?

My current post is enabling me to expand my technical knowledge and hone my managerial skills, which I want to develop with a view to becoming a project manager. I’m also starting to think about working abroad because discovering alternative working methods and getting to know other cultures is motivating. I’m confident that ENGIE Axima and the ENGIE Group will be able to meet my expectations.