Interview with Lintang for Human Energies N°7


Lintang, engineer specialised in the development of electrification projectsWhat was your background before joining ENGIE?

Before ENGIE, I worked on small wastewater and energy projects. I had various responsibilities, including project management, monitoring of operations and maintenance for projects underway, business development, and head of national operations. As shown by my Mechanical Engineering degree from the Queensland University of Technology, my work in an industrial plastics plant, and my Master’s degree in Engineering Management from the University of Melbourne, Australia, gaining experience in different projects and roles is what excites me.


What is your role today?

I work as part of a team in the ENGIE Energy Indonesia office, as a Business Developer. I mostly focus on the development phase for Independent Power Producer projects in the country. I contribute to managing the process, to fulfil all the project’s requirements, which need to be available by the submission date, including any work carried out by third parties, while simultaneously working with our partners and our internal team. I can apply my experience in project management in my daily work. I have never encountered an easy project, but that’s what makes my job so interesting and challenging.


How did you come to be recruited by ENGIE?

Through a former colleague and my network, I found out that about a job opportunity that may be suitable for me. In Indonesia we have a saying: “if you don’t know then you don’t care”, and so to find out more, I needed to start the recruitment process. I took the first step and sent my CV. Then I got the offer, and accepted the job.


Do you work in a team?

Yes, and I love it: it means more interaction, sometimes more friction, but ultimately more ideas. Keeping the team focused is especially important, and communication is key in the multicultural environment that is our office. I am comfortable working with technical, financial, legal and management teams. We all work together and support each other, in other words, there is synergy. The best thing is that I learn new things every day!


What would you like to do in the future?

In the near future I want to expand my knowledge of the electricity business and of energy resource solutions. In the longer term, I hope to work on providing energy solutions and encouraging the use of new and renewable energies. To me it is fundamental that people have an adequate power supply, to enable them to live better and be more independent. This is especially true for Indonesia and its 200 million inhabitants, where there are substantial variations in the availability of electricity across the different islands.