When he was a child, Régis didn’t really know what being an engineer meant. He just knew it was a useful job to have. So he set about becoming one. After gaining his BTS work/study apprenticeship diploma with ENGIE, he was given study leave to train as an engineer at an engineering school.  Today, he specializes in Smart Grids. Behind this rather daunting term lies a simple concept: making power distribution networks smarter by using new technologies to optimize power generation, distribution and consumption with the aim of improving the energy efficiency of the entire system.

So Régis’s mission is to manage R&D projects that make the entire power system smarter. But it’s not a job that stops at the office door, because his projects involve pilot demonstrators designed to help people use energy more effectively. The same applies to local authorities that need help to become more energy efficient, and even private customers who want to install photovoltaic panels or find out the best times to use electricity. As well as the work he does at ENGIE, Régis also advises his neighbors on everyday eco-friendly ways of saving energy.


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