Arnaud Cuvillier, financial specialist purchase & sale of Natural Gas at ENGIE

What was your background before joining ENGIE?

I got a degree in Management then a Masters in Corporate Finance at the Paris Dauphine University. Alongside this, I expanded my skills with some legal training at the same university. During the first year of my Masters, I spent one semester studying in Spain, at the University of Alcala de Heneras. The following year, I took a gap year in order to complete an 8-month internship at Ernst & Young Luxembourg within the Private Equity department.


How did you come to be recruited at ENGIE?

I started working in the energy sector by chance! My previous experiences had been in the financial services sector. The wide range of business activities at ENGIE and its reputation persuaded me to take a final-year internship in the Luxembourg subsidiary of the LNG1 Business Unit, in the finance department.I soon discovered that I enjoy the challenges within the sector and the globalisation of the LNG trade. I was quickly offered a job in the Operations Department.


What is your role in the subsidiary?

I was allocated LNG purchase and sale contracts. My role is to set prices on the basis of contracts. We talk with our counterparts every day in order to come to agreements. The counterparts are located all around the world. Alongside this, I look after assignments relating to the development of tools for tracking our cargo, cash flow and the automation of our financial reporting.


Do you work in a team?

Every single day and it’s vital! In the Operations Department we are all dependent on each other. Good communication is essential. The prices calculated by some are dependent on the calculations of others. The key to working well is trusting each other as we check each other’s work. I also work with members of the finance and legal departments on a wide variety of topics such as the impact of a new price formula or the drawing up of a contract. This allows me to find out about all the aspects related to LNG trading.


What would you like to do in the future?

I ask myself that question every day! Although I hadn’t planned on joining the LNG market, I have really enjoyed being a part of this sector and continuing in energy is something I can see for myself. But I would like to go back to my original domain, finance. Maybe I’ll work on the financing of an LNG project!

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