Arnaud, IAM Functional AnalystWhat does your job actually involve?

I’ve been fascinated by computing since I was a child, and I always wanted to work with large company information systems. I was originally hired by the central operating entity for ENGIE information systems – as a trainee IAM functional administrator, and I’ve been with the Group ever since! Today, as an IAM functional analyst, I work on the system that manages user IS identities and access for all ENGIE employees. This system checks and manages the identities of employees using the IS, and controls their access to applications. So, for example, when an employee wants to access the Internet, his/her identity and status are checked by this system. IAM is a very important aspect of Group information systems security: ENGIE runs hundreds of different applications, and more than a hundred of them are protected by this system.


So what does your job involve on a daily basis?

For me, every day is different! My primary mission is to provide business line functional support, which means, for example, that I explain to users how to create an identity. I also help them to identify and evaluate their needs, and interpret those needs for our teams of technicians, so I have a pivotal role to play there. Another of my missions is to investigate the system if users are having problems with access or an account is deactivated, for example.


As a recent graduate, do you also run projects independently?

Actually, when I was still a trainee, I was lucky enough to be entrusted with a project to develop automatic data extraction for internal billing. I had control of that project from A to Z: I worked with my tutor to identify the initial requirements, interpreted those into a set of functional specifications for our integrator, supervised the technical developments, checked that the new data extraction model fulfilled the initial requirements, and finally, implemented the development in its operating context. I really appreciated the opportunity to run this high-stakes technical project when I was still a trainee, because there’s no room for mistakes when it comes to billing. The fact that I was able to fulfill the trust placed in me was also thanks to the support of my tutor and everyone in the team, who helped me very quickly to become more efficient and develop my skills in an area that I knew very little about as a new trainee.


What do you like most about your job?

More than anything else, it’s the variety and challenge of the tasks entrusted to me on a daily basis, and the excellent working atmosphere within my team. I also enjoy my educational role in providing functional support to the business lines and training users in how this application works. Above all, I really enjoy working in a Group that puts its trust in young people and offers them so many ambitious prospects for the future.


Why would you encourage other young IT specialists to join ENGIE?

First of all, for its information system, which is constantly evolving and will allow them to carry on learning even after leaving further education. Second, for the multiplicity of careers offered in all Group entities, as a result of its extremely dynamic policy of internal mobility. And lastly – to paraphrase the Group’s own signature – because they will have the opportunity to be ‘useful to people’. That’s definitely the way it is for me: by being involved in important tasks like Group IS security, I feel I’m being useful in everything I do.