Aurélie, Power system fitter at ENGIE Ineo«Working in a man’s world doesn’t particularly bother me,» explains Aurélie. This young woman discovered the world of industry after completing her business studies course. Attracted by the excellent working environment, it wasn’t long before Aurélie was a fully-fledged team member at ENGIE Ineo. Supported and assisted by her tutor, she’s learning all the skills of a power systems fitter day by day.

 Her job involves making connections to the mains power system and checking the condition and status of power distribution hardware. «All the power cables that used to be overhead are now being routed underground. We work on traffic lights and everything to do with street lighting,» explains Aurélie. Although her current tasks focus mainly on street lights, she also works on other systems, including those concerned with renewable energy.

It’s when she’s involved in replacing overhead cables with underground systems that Aurélie feels most useful: «Ours is a small contribution to making the natural world more attractive,» she says. But what she’s most proud about is proving that hers is not an exclusively male world. All it takes is for women to «refuse to be pushed around and have a sense of humor; then they’ll have nothing to worry about,» she explains.

Aurélie, Power systems fitter at Cofely Ineo (in French only)