Catherine, equipment technician at ENGIE Ineo

Having worked in newspaper sales for 27 years, Catherine decided to take a new direction and work in a world that had fascinated her for a large part of her life: the world of electricity. Catherine says that even at the end of ninth grade, she knew she wanted to be a plumber or electrician. Her brothers no longer lived at home, and she very soon discovered the delights of DIY electrics, plumbing and heating.

Although women simply weren’t allowed to do «men’s work» in those days, Catherine has finally succeeded in joining this previously all-male world. Her pride in doing so is shared by her husband and children. «Before I get down to work, I hang up my female identity in the locker room with my handbag. My colleagues are friendly, helpful and full of good advice. They adopted me as a member of the team immediately. It’s like having a second family,» says Catherine.

When you ask what she likes most about her work, she tells you that it’s the diversity, the mutual supportiveness, coordination and the atmosphere of working on site. Catherine’s advice is: «Do what you want to do now so that you don’t regret it later. Even so, it’s never too late: I’m living proof of that!»