Erwin, Health & Safety Supervisor working in the geothermal sector in Indonesia

Having spent ten years in the gas industry, Erwin joined the ENGIE Group to work on geothermal energy exploration. As Health & Safety Supervisor, his mission is to ensure the safety of employees working at the Rantau Dedap geothermal production site in Sumatra. Erwin visits the site every month to check that safety standards are being properly applied on site. The fact is that working on a geothermal site as complex as Rantau Dedap can be hazardous, and Erwin has a pivotal on-site role to play by countering risks with the potential to cause occupational accidents.

Erwin is extremely proud of the job he does: “When I wake up the morning, I’m very motivated to see my teams,” he explains. He enjoys his role as supervisor, because it gives him the opportunity to encourage his team members to give the best of themselves and become even more effective in their jobs. He takes the time to listen to people and understand employees’ different cultures to create harmonious teams and make life on site more pleasant.

So what are his plans for the future? Erwin says that he’d like to carry on working with the ENGIE Group and perhaps eventually work abroad.


Erwin, safety supervisor for Rantau Dedap in Indonesia