Thomas, apprentice at ENGIE Endel

«At ENGIE Endel, I am lucky in that I am being trained in the field by co-workers who really know their job and who are great teachers.»


What is your educational background?

Meeting the head of the Compagnons du Devoir school in my region during the orientation day in my final year was decisive. I decided to focus on boilermaking. After two years with the Compagnons, I continued at a vocational secondary school where I obtained the Boilermaking BAC Pro and then in June 2011 a BTS qualification in the Design and Production of Industrial Boilers.


What path has your career taken?

After a brief stint in industry, I ultimately opted for nuclear. I earned the qualifications enabling me to work in the vicinity of at-risk installations. Today, I am preparing for a work-linked vocational training contract as a pipefitter at Cofely Endel.


How were you recruited by ENGIE?

Through a temping job. In February 2013 I started an assignment as a boilermaker-pipefitter with Cofely Endel at the Paluel nuclear power station. My line manager informed me that ENGIE Endel had opportunities for young people to train in technical jobs. This training is provided via a one-year vocational training contracts. I was immediately enthusiastic because I would have a chance to acquire new skills I could use in performing maintenance on nuclear sites.


In what way is work-linked training a benefit?

Work-linked training provides an opportunity to get real work experience in addition to conventional education. At Cofely Endel, I am lucky in that I am being trained in the field by co-workers who really know their job and who are great teachers. My training takes place on various sites, giving me a chance to observe and learn a variety of techniques and skills.


Do you work in a team?

Yes, I am lucky to work in a team. A team comprises a works manager and one or more operatives. Each person has a well defined role: the teams must be solid and well coordinated to ensure the work is done correctly.


What would you like to do in the future? In which direction would you like to evolve?

Initially, I would like to continue to train in order to expand my range of skills. I plan to obtain a COFREND qualification, which would enable me to inspect the visual appearance of welds. I would also like to have the opportunity in a few years to, in turn, train young technicians so that I can share my expertise in pipeworks. In fact, many job opportunities will be available in the years ahead due to the massive project to extend the service life of nuclear power stations. One day I see myself as site manager!


ENGIE Endel is recruiting in technical domains (welders, pipefitters, electrical engineers, mechanics, valve manufacturers, boilermakers, etc.), first level management jobs such as team leaders and site managers, and in preparatory jobs in growth sectors. There has been a real ramp-up in the nuclear sector, a booming growth market in which the prospects for projects and jobs are very good in the years to come.