Tehei, maintenance technician at ENGIE IneoAlthough maintenance is still a male-dominated world, Tehei has had no problem integrating as an effective team member.I’d like to tell women that they can do this job. They really shouldn’t hesitate, they should just do it. You can’t tell what’s waiting in front of you if you stay at the back, she explains.

 It was when the electrics played up in her family home that Tehei got switched on to the whole idea. Her family had to call in electricians to carry out the repairs. Tehei decided then and there to go back to school and gain the necessary skills. After CAP, BEP and Baccalauréat qualifications, Tehei joined ENGIE Ineo on a work/study program. The Group then gave her the opportunity to prepare for a BTS qualification as a maintenance technician.

When you ask her what her main motivation was, she’ll tell you it’s curiosity. If Tehei can’t understand the problem, she can’t sleep! She then puts all her expertise to work to find the right solutions. One of the main reasons why Tehei likes her job so much is because it’s never routine: “There’s always something going on, and every day is different”, she adds.