HVAC Technician


You maintain the technical installations that provide building air conditioning, heating and ventilation services. Your work covers both preventive maintenance and repair. Your excellent relationship skills contribute to building and promoting the reputation of the ENGIE Group amongst customers.


An air conditioning system failure in the middle of a heatwave or a boiler that stops working in the depths of winter… HVAC Technicians respond quickly by drawing on their skills:

  • Effective allocation of the tasks involved and anticipation of potential issues
  • Scheduling technical services maintenance tasks
  • Defining response methods
  • Contributing expertise and technical support to complex operations


You are a man or woman with a Bac Pro or BTS qualification in climate engineering and – ideally – 2 years’ practical experience. Do you enjoy working with your hands, repairing equipment and finding innovative solutions? If so, then an engineering career at ENGIE will give you the opportunity to put all your skills fully into action:

  • Your ability to be dynamic, responsive and mobile
  • Your skills in managing emergencies
  • Your logical and methodical thought processes
  • Your excellent relationship skills and sense of service