Site manager


You have responsibility for ensuring that on-site projects proceed smoothly in accordance with the predefined specification. To achieve that, you manage the human and material resources required to implement the on-site project in full and non-negotiable compliance with health and safety standards. Lastly, you ensure compliance with the project timetable and act as the coordinator between the customer and all on-site project contributors.


Whether the project is a future hydroelectric plant or a biomass boiler, you provide the frontline leadership required to transform an on-site project into a success. You therefore have a diverse range of responsibilities:

  • Studies involving drawings and the technical data package
  • On-site verification that constraints and obstacles are successfully addressed
  • Verification of materials and equipment supplies
  • Implementation of the planned schedule and allocation of tasks to on-site employees
  • Implementing safety instructions and ensuring compliance with the project budget
  • Coordinating the work done by on-site teams and providing advice and support


You are a man or woman with sound technical knowledge and skills. Do you like working in the open air, managing a team and putting ambitious projects into action? Join the ENGIE Group and put all your skills fully into action:

  • Technical skills
  • Practical capabilities and fitness
  • Attention to detail, well-organized and responsible
  • Interpersonal skills
  • A passion for responsibility