You are responsible for assembling multiple components by welding them together to create pipelines that comply fully with all quality standards, project drawings and customer technical specifications.


In fulfilling our commitment to provide customers with regular, secure supplies, welder/pipefitters play an essential role in expanding ENGIE distribution networks:

  • Contributing to the process of preparing product drawings and technical specifications
  • Selecting the most appropriate process (electric arc welding, semi-automated welding, etc.)
  • Welding in accordance with all safety standards
  • Producing the pipeline components specified by the customer
  • Controlling the quality of work carried out


You are a man or woman with an interest in contributing to major projects and joining the ENGIE Group in order to put all your skills fully into action:

  • Your responsibility and conscientiousness
  • Your ability to work as a team player
  • Your physical fitness and excellent manual dexterity
  • Your excellent knowledge of metals and complex machinery