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Work/Study programmes

By ENGIE - 23 June 2021 - 14:37

By choosing a work/study programme with us, you will gain professional and educational work experience in an international Group with a solid reputation in low-carbon energy, and a valuable qualification that is recognised on the job market. Our partnerships with work/study training centres, schools and universities make it easy for candidates to apply. You could be one of more than 6,000 young people who take part in our work/study programmes every year, discovering the expertise and values of a group that leads the way in its sector. 


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Why join us?

Six good reasons:


  • - 7,500 people on work/study contracts at ENGIE in France and 4,000 recruitments a year
  • - 1 in every 2 work/study contracts result in a job offer
  • - Committed and engaging assignments for a more carbon-neutral world
  • - At ENGIE, THE WORK/STUDY PROGRAMME = the ideal pathway to employment and your future
  • - All types of diversity in recruitment, to build a more inclusive society
  • - A committed Work/Study Community: to develop your network and your skills: The Young Talent Community


For ENGIE, the work/study programme is a long-term investment and a way to recruit young people into the company. Our aim: to hire 50% of people on work/study contracts at the end of their course.



Read our employee feedback:

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"This year, ENGIE will once again increase the number of young people on its work/study programmes. It is a source of pride for the Group and a real commitment to the younger generations."

"An action we take every day, on the ground, with young people from all walks of life and from all different backgrounds, to train and support them, and to help them build and achieve their path to employment. It is a commitment we make as a company but also as a society, a commitment that is fully in line with the Group's Corporate Purpose. To support young people, by giving them every opportunity to succeed in their career.  So now it is up to you, as young people from all walks of life and from all different backgrounds, who want to use your skills to drive the energy transition as part of an amazing Group - apply now!"


Jean-Sébastien Blanc - Executive Vice President of Human Resources


"At ENGIE, we are convinced that a fairer, more balanced, carbon-neutral world is possible."

"To achieve it, we must combine a fresh, uninhibited outlook with the energy and inventiveness of the younger generations. Every day, in my role as Mentor, I am able to grow and flourish thanks to a relationship with my work/study trainee that is based on dialogue and mutual trust. Of course, I pass on my skills and experience but I get so much back in return. The work/study programme at ENGIE is a commitment made by everyone, at every level of the company, a value, a Group project, a policy, in short: an absolute priority 

So now it's time to take action - come and join us!


Anne-Emmanuelle Semin - Head of Talent Acquisition Strategy


Many possibilities

We offer apprenticeship, professional training and retraining contracts for over 100 different jobs. In qualifications ranging from vocational diplomas to Master's degrees in technical (maintenance, HVAC, etc.), sales, and engineering roles; in support functions; and in IT.


Discover our Academy of energy and climate transition roles. 

A new human-scale work/study training centre offering specialised courses and classes with individual and customised support. Our two-year courses are free of charge and paid.  

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Read a firsthand account from a work/study training centre tutor

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Discover ApprentiSwap, an innovative scheme set up between ENGIE and NESTLE, which allows young students to share their work-study period within the 2 partner companies. This is a great opportunity to enrich their career path and expand their network by discovering different ways of working in two different sectors of activity.

> Discover Aurianne and Marine's testimonial about their experiences at ENGIE! (In French only)

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