ENGIE wishes to welcome and train a large number of young people by offering internship opportunities. Every year, the Group recruits 1,200 interns qualified to the French M2 level or above for 6-month internships in all its energy business lines: electricity, natural gas and energy services. The opportunities available are designed for engineers, project leaders, sales and marketing specialists, and those specializing in corporate functions, such as finance, accounting, business management and legal affairs. All interns are guided by an internship tutor.

The eligibility conditions

  • You must be a student in long-term higher education
  • You must have an internship agreement in place. This must be signed by the graduate school, the company and the student before the start of the internship period.

How can you apply?

We invite you to apply online for the opportunities published in the ‘Candidates area’ of the gdfsuez.com website. Select those opportunities that match your level of experience and click on ‘Apply’. You will then be invited to create your application (CV and letter of motivation). If none of the opportunities offered are a precise match with your needs and abilities, we advise you to send us your profile online. Your details will then be available to all recruiters in all our companies. The selection process includes at least one interview with the relevant operations manager.

The personal experience of one employee

Carine Serrelin, a Design Engineer in the GrDF Southwest Network Department of our Infrastructures Business Line, tells us how she came to join the Group:
“I joined ENGIE as a result of my post-graduate internship with COFELY in the Energy Services business line. On completion of my internship, I had the opportunity to join the Gas Engineering and Management Masters program sponsored by ENGIE in partnership with the École de Mines de Paris graduate school, and the French Gas Association, after which I was hired by GrDF.”


Aurélie Balcou, IFP School studentFive questions on international internships: Aurélie Balcou, IFP School student

1. What studies have you undertaken to date?

After a science degree (specializing in mathematics) that I completed with honors in 2008, I followed the classic route of preparatory classes (MPSI-MP in Ste Geneviève in Versailles), and was accepted into the Centrale Nantes engineering school in 2010. This school has a professional specialization option in the third year, for which I chose energy and engines.

2. What were your responsibilities during your ENGIE internships?

To date I have done all three of my internships with ENGIE. In my first year I spent one month with a regional unit of GrDF Montpellier, the aim of which was to discover the world of business in the gas engineering service. In the second year I did a 6-month internship at GDF SUEZ LNG Supply SA in Luxembourg, which is a subsidiary of B3G. Finally, in the third year I was part of the technical delegation for GrDF’s Technical and Industrial Department for 5 months as assistant chief of the TEX (remote operation) project, working at the vanguard of the network transformation taking place ahead of the smart grid roll out.

3. What did you learn from these internships?

The internship in Luxembourg has been my greatest experience in business to date. First because I had the opportunity to work in a field related to a course I was taking (implement quality control tools for LNG purchased via Excel), and second because I could quickly assume responsibilities in the LNG trade (supply chain management and sales contracts from the point of view of a back office). This familiarized me with the accounting and legal issues of purchase contracts and the sale of molecules.  It was also in Luxembourg that I heard about the IFP courses, specifically the master’s in energy markets that I have the opportunity to join in September 2013.

4. How will these experiences with ENGIE benefit your future studies with IFP?

Thanks to my experience in Luxembourg, I know that I am passionate about the major energy challenges. Being eminently curious, I wanted to take advantage of my young age to learn as much about the ins and outs of the energy market as possible. The IFP course, which is more in line with ENGIE Exploration & Production seems to meet my expectations.

5. What are your future career plans?

My ambition in the longer term is to do something entrepreneurial. I would like to develop one of the Group’s activities abroad while leveraging my experience and my technical, economic and financial knowledge.