What is the role of the Group’s Strategic Sourcing and Procurement department?

In a market that is undergoing far-reaching change, the Strategic Sourcing and Procurement function has to create value through its relations with suppliers and contribute to the development of the Group in every region and in its new businesses. Our suppliers have an immense capacity for optimizing their processes, developing and sometimes inventing new products or services. It is our responsibility to make supplier relations productive so we can do more business together.

What are your supplier relations like?

Our supplier base is very diverse. We work with major international and regional companies as well as with small and medium companies operating locally, especially in the service sector. This diversity is extremely varied, which is something we want to maintain as we optimize our supplier database and manage our risks.

The basics of our supplier relations lie in our desire to create a balanced and ethical relationship with our suppliers, and are chiefly expressed through the seven principles developed in the Supplier Relations Code and the commitments and demands set out in the Group Procurement Policy.

Depending on the category of purchases, our supplier relations are managed either centrally or locally.

  • At Group level, we want to develop sustainable relations with our strategic and preferred suppliers. For each one, we have designated a single Supplier Account Manager, who is responsible for managing relations at a global level, with the aim of developing a win-win relationship.
  • At the level of our entities, our procurement managers ensure compliance with the Supplier Relations Code.

What do you expect of your suppliers?

In the first place, we expect them to deliver on their contractual commitments in terms of quality, lead times and the Group’s health and safety rules. But we also expect our suppliers to contribute to our performance by being proactive with innovative solutions or ideas for optimization and supporting us in our transformation. These expectations are gradually feeding through into the CSR criteria we apply to our supplier selection and assessment procedures, especially for our preferred suppliers. Our expectations can vary depending on whether we are working with a large group or an SME.

How can you become an ENGIE Group supplier?

Because maintaining our position as leader on our markets depends on our capacity to innovate, we are always interested in hearing innovative proposals from our suppliers. The Group regularly invites quotations for its various categories of purchases.