Information november 7th 2014

The Board of Cofely España has decided to appoint Mr. Georges Cornet as General Manager of Cofely España. Mr. Georges Cornet, as top manager of GDF SUEZ,  has a broad operational experience within the Group and up to June he was CEO of Tractebel Engineering, business unit of GDF SUEZ Energy Services. Through the appointment of Mr. Georges Cornet, GDF SUEZ Group demonstrates its support and trust in Cofely España and in its employees.

Furthermore, the Board has decided to revoke the powers of the four employees involved in the judicial investigation process. As for Didier Maurice Cofely confirms that he has handed in his resignation from his position on the Board of Cofely España. These decisions do not affect Cofely’s respect to the right to the presumption of innocence of the employees involved in this investigation and don’t make any judgment regarding the legal process.

An audit has been launched.

Cofely España reminds that it will continue to offer its full cooperation to the authorities in charge of the investigation in order to shed light on the case.

GDF SUEZ underlines its steadfast commitment to respecting all laws and ethical rules.  GDF SUEZ reminds that its principles are immutable and applicable throughout the management and all levels of the Company, and in all countries where the Group operates. If lack of strict adherence to these principles is detected, exemplary sanctions would be taken immediately according to the seriousness of the facts.

Information october 30th 2014 : Investigation on Cofely España

In connection with the investigation currently engaged by the Spanish authorities, the police have searched the premises of Cofely España and some employees are now being questioned.

GDF SUEZ expresses its support for all employees of the Group and its subsidiaries in Spain as they deal with the shock of this news.

GDF SUEZ will fully collaborate with the Spanish authorities to ensure complete transparency in the effort to bring all the facts to light.

GDF SUEZ respects the presumption of innocence to which employees are entitled heard in this case. The Group underlines its steadfast commitment to respecting all laws and ethical rules. These principles are contained in the documents issued by the ethics and “compliance” Department and distributed to all employees. They  are intangible and apply to all acts of management at all levels of the company and in all countries where the Group operates. In the event that these principles have not been strictly adhered to, GDF SUEZ would immediately take exemplary appropriate sanctions to the seriousness of the offense.