A broad range of spheres of action

The CODEGAZ teams are made up of employees of the ENGIE Group who take part in voluntary solidarity projects throughout the world. The mission of CODEGAZ is to provide humanitarian aid to the populations of the third and fourth worlds, so as to contribute to the development of their countries in several spheres:

  • CODEGAZwater and sanitation;
  • health;
  • nutrition;
  • training and teaching;
  • childhood;
  • energy and micro-economic development.

Lasting partnerships for effective action

The association’s action is based on one conviction: the achievement of the effective development expected for the beneficiaries of humanitarian projects depends on the quality of the partnerships formed and the involvement of local participants. The association is present in North Africa, Equatorial Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, eastern countries, South-East Asia, Madagascar, India and Haiti.

The Vidhyadeep Community College supported by ENGIE and CODEGAZ