Energy Assistance

The projects conducted by Energy Assistance place the energy expertise of the ENGIE Group at the service of populations who have no electricity: installing decentralized electricity generation units to supply clinics, schools and orphanages, constructing mini-distribution networks, connecting isolated populations to the network. Energy Assistance systematically uses renewable energy sources, principally solar power but also wind and water power if local geography permits.

Energy Assistance commits itself to a true partnership with the local beneficiaries to ensure that its facilities will last.

At the time of humanitarian disasters such as the tsunami or the Haiti earthquake, the mission of Energy Assistance is to intervene post-emergency in the context of reconstruction, rehabilitating the networks of hospitals, General Hospitals of Reference, clinics and other infrastructures.

A year after the earthquake that struck Haiti, ENGIE is always mobilized. The Group raised significant funds destined for those who work with disaster victims. It is also present through the work of staff associations, to help rebuild the country. Marc Van Gelder and Patrick Pirson, two electrical engineers, volunteer members of the Association Energy Assistance, come to the island to secure the wiring of two hospitals and to electrify to an orphanage.